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  • My crackers finally turned out GREAT. Thanks Guys!
  • Thanx guys, I think I was doing two things wrong.. I was grinding the flax after soaking and letting leaving the crackers too long before flipping. I have a batch in the dehydrator now that I flipped after 4 hours. I hope these turn out better. Rawn…
  • What a sweetie to share these delectable looking recipes. Your blog is awesome and your recipe gallery is stunning. You are a great photographer as well. Your “hunny” is lucky!
    in Cheflandria Comment by sgmom2
  • Just beautiful- we freeze our fruit all the time and they make for delicious cold smoothies. I also shop on the weekend so that I can wash all my produce for the week. I also julienne my veggies and store them in tupperware for grab and go wraps. I …
  • Yum, fluffy bread. We had a big family Easter dinner today and I swore before going that I was just going to have salad. I have been pretty much 100% raw for the last two weeks. Well, I blew it today! I was eating salad and then the basket of hot, F…
  • OMG, I am sorry guys, but the one thing I hate the most is dishonesty. This person REALLY annoys me because I think his/her actions are deliberate and very distracting. That thread yesterday should have been a wake up call to every parent on this si…
    in I'm Sorry :) Comment by sgmom2
  • So wild osts has been out of soft winter wheat berries for weeks now and all this time I could have tried another grain? Raw Voice Real World gives a recipe for rejuvelac and it calls for the soft white berries. SO I can use Raw Rye? Is that what it…
    in Rejuvelac Comment by sgmom2
  • Kminty, I have made dips and such but I had to make sure I had enough dry ingredients to get the blender going. A small amount of nuts or dry ingredients will not get blended properly. HTH
  • Wow Kminty, I recently purchased a blendtec as well and I am not having these issues with mine. The only thing is that I wish it had a stick plunger thingy like the vitamix. I have to stop between cycles and mix stuff around, but you have to do that…
  • I prefer cuisinart over the kitchenaid, but it’s just a personal preference. I would however suggest that you go with at least the 11 cup model. 7 cups sound like a lot, but it really isn’t when you are chopping stuff. They last forever and eventual…
  • I bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago b/c i have really bad knees and was hoping for some relief. Admittedly, I didn’t take it regularly because it is very expensive and the dose recommended would cost me @ $150 a month! Where do u guys buy yours.…
    in MSM questions Comment by sgmom2
  • Thanks Kandace..I hardly recognized you, beautiful photo and lovely haircut! coconutty--I agree, the recipe should be tried before given a rating.
    in Recipe ratings Comment by sgmom2
  • Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you all! I will make two batches tomorrow, one with nut butter and the other with coconut oil, vanilla and agave. I am allergic to honey, but I bet it would have been delish too.
    in Coconut candy bar Comment by sgmom2
  • Hmmm, Kandace’s zucchini hummus is a staple for us right now. I keep cold crisp romaine lettuce for dipping. It’s even better than the traditional garbanzo hummus. Varying asian wraps with collard leaves and the sesame dipping sauce is a close secon…
  • Thanks guys! I returned it today. I will just have to keep straining.
    in Making smoothies Comment by sgmom2
  • Where do yo buy Kombucha tea? I have never heard of it.
  • Carmentina, I got several of these while on the MC. Mine came right after the white coating so I figured it is just a part of detox.
    in MC: tongue ulcer Comment by sgmom2
  • Also, if you don’t have a spiral slicer, you can thinly slice the zucchin and then stack them and cut into thin strips for spaghetti type noodles,yum.
  • Okay give it up Alix1962! Share that creamy basil/tomato soup recipe. Sounds delish!
  • I got mine off of ebay, yes he included 6 dehydrator sheets but the sheets are not by excalibur. They work fine and he says they will last twice as long as the paraflexx sheets. I LOVE my excalibur. He says to make a best offer and I offered 175 and…
  • My excalibur works great and I couldn’t find a better price than I got for $175.
  • Guys, I got my new excalibur 9 tray dehydrator off of ebay for $175 with 6 free sheets and free shipping. RawClaire if u get a dehydrator I feel some awesome recipes coming on!
  • Thanks Michigan roman! I was wondering what all the buzz ia about. Even all the raw books I have uses the vitamix.
    in Blendtec vs vitamix Comment by sgmom2
  • Freesia- Is there a way I could write to you about water fasting? Can I send u my email addy?
  • Hi Carmentina- I don’t expect to keep the whole 20 pounds off, but i hope to keep at least half of it off. There is no way I could do a 21 day MC. I hate the senna tea and the lemonade. It would be easier for me to just do water. I am starting a 3 d…
  • Thank you so much. I was wondering if I did a 7 day water fast if I could take my vitamins while on it and follow up witha 7 day green juice(no fruit) fast. I had such a horrible reaction to something on the MC and water only would tell me if it was…
  • Freesia- How long is it safe to water fast? Also is it okay to have lemon and or lime on the fast? Thanks. I just came off the MC 2 days ago and I just feel that I need more of SOMETHING.
  • Heather- I just finished a cleanse and I actually consulted a nutritionalist about this very topic. She encouraged me to finished the cleanse, she says it’s on the the best things we can do for our bodies. She also said that we must listen to our bo…
  • Sara- Maybe you could try the non-stick aluminum foil? HTH
  • Guess how old I am? Just curious as to how old I look?
    in How old are you? Comment by sgmom2