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  • Never having dreads before…what happens when you want to take them out? I have long wavy hair (and too much vanity) :) to want to shave it off. Is it possible to comb them out?
    in dreadlocks Comment by daisygirl
  • This sounds great…do I sign up as part of the president’s challenge?
  • I’ve heard humanimal say he eats 12-14 bananas in a day…and he seems okay (haha). I’ve heard so many raw foodists say listen to your body- and as long as you are taking in some leafy greens, it should be okay.
  • They are good shredded, piled alongside shredded carrots and turnips, and drizzled with Nomi shannon’s asian dressing.
  • Day 4- What an amazing experience this is. I had less cravings for naughty food yesterday, and actually found myself craving fruit. Amazing…I’m also down 7 pounds (I know I shouldn’t weigh myself, but it’s fun!) I found an old juicing book I had by …
    in my fast Comment by daisygirl
  • Whoo-hoo…lots of good stuff. My reading on fasting lead me to believe that light juice fasting was the best way to go, with the odd day of water fasting. That way you are providing living enzymes to your cells, but still giving your digestion a well…
    in my fast Comment by daisygirl
  • After re-reading my post, maybe I should clarify “lots of water”. During the day I have 3 cups of herbal tea, and 3 glasses of fruit or vegetable juice diluted with water (so that it’s almost half of each). During the time I want to water fast only,…
    in my fast Comment by daisygirl
  • Unfortunately I don’t live there, but absolutely loved Brisbane when I visited (except for those giant spiders…). How lucky to live in such a beautiful place (and as zoe mentionned, all that great fruit). If I wasn’t so far away (Canada) it would be…
  • doubleD, my boys are 16 months apart (I was pretty much pregnant and/or nursing for 3 years) and even though it was hard work I wouldn’t change a thing. My boys are 20 months and almost 3, and things have gotten a lot easier. Best of luck to you- an…
  • Congrats to all of you! Ray…be sure to post some pictures, we’d all like to see them!
  • What about adding a forum titled 100% raw for those who have achieved that level?
  • Thanks…I found it
    in rhubarb Comment by daisygirl
  • I have a patch of mint growing in my yard (it’s almost like a weed- difficult to get rid of) and I munch on a few of the leaves every now and then.
    in gum Comment by daisygirl
  • watermelon and grapes… My favourite way to eat fruit is a smoothie made with blueberries, pineapple, papaya and banana…very yummy
  • great news for those of us who can’t afford a dehyrator :)
  • A little tricky for me because I’ve been pregnant and nursing on and off for last 3 years. Since my periods have started again I’ve went from a 35 day cycle to a 28 day (bummer), painless periods (cramps used to be very painful) and longer periods (…
  • I’ve been reading the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Doug Graham. There are many people with the same symptoms as you that swear by his regimen (he has many case studies in the book). It seems very encouraging, as I too haven’t been thriving on my raw foods. M…
  • You’ll have to try the taco meat recipe posted here. I could live off of it- never get sick of it. Spread it on dried nori or boston lettuce, top with all sorts of veggies and roll up….it’s really good and walnuts are cheap. There are other roll up …
  • I think it’s important to remember that most people say something because they are truly concerned- not because they are trying to be malicious. I had a difficult time with my last pregnancy- very low iron and, despite all efforts to get my levels b…
  • I just meant (and maybe it wasn’t clear in my post) that when I looked at my diet, it was too high in fats and I wasn’t feeling all that great. Since lowering my fat intake, I’ve stopped obsessing about my every meal, stopped getting hungry between …
    in 8/1/1 Comment by daisygirl
  • Rawdancer- the point 8/1/1 brings up (which totally applied to me) was that many raw foodists eat 50-75% of their diet in fat (from seeds,nuts,avocados, olives) and that is extremely unhealthy. He says some raw foodists eat more fat in a day than th…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by daisygirl
  • Vaughn – his recipes are very simple, probably like you eat now. Fruit salad and smoothies with only 1,2 or 3 ingredients (ie. strawberries, orange and kiwi fruit salad). Bananas sliced, then topped with date puree (dates in a blender with water)- y…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by daisygirl
  • I got the book in the mail yesterday, and haven’t been able to put it down. Check out this link from one of the women who has followed his program for 4 years. Her photos are amazing. *www.ringlet.org
    in 8/1/1 Comment by daisygirl
  • It was my understanding that mother nature takes care of what should be in your milk if you are eating a healthy diet and that supplements aren’t needed. I started going raw a few weeks before I stopped nursing (my baby was almost 15 months old) and…
  • Oh gosh… Chris…that last posting was hilarious. To admit you did that takes a lot of guts- thanks, I had a great laugh. Every time I read one of your posts now- I’m never going to be able to get that mental picture out of my head!
    in evil awful gas Comment by daisygirl
  • I’m no help with the detoxing bit…but when I truly focus on eating raw, I find I dream a lot about eating raw. I find the dreams are quite vivid (all of them) and I remember a lot of it as well. I really enjoy the feeling of waking up light and clea…
  • Thank goodness here in Ontario the Loblaws chains have organic fruit. They sell bags of organic granny smith apples that my kids adore and for a reasonable price. I ate an apple not that long ago that wasn’t organic…it was mushy and flavourless and …
  • I’m in Canada…so with the shipping- it’s almost $45. Are there any websites that you know of that give more detail?
  • Socal, I’m really intrigued by eating simpler (like the 80/10/10)- do you know where I can find more info? It might be hard for me to get a copy of the book- it’s not in any major stores…
  • I love turnips straight up. I like to chop them up, keep them in the frigde, and snack on them like carrot sticks. Turnips are also good grated, put in a pile along with grated carrots, beets, sweet potatoes (all seperate piles), then drizzled with …