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  • Hey everyone, thanks for your kind and helpful responses. I think I get enough exercise. I live on a large college campus, walk and bike everywhere, even to the grocery store and farmer’s market which are like…6 miles away. I also swim in the ocean …
    in Weight Loss Comment by SophiaRose
  • Hi Pianissima, I usually eat fruit or a green smoothie for breakfast, a salad with some seeds and a simple oil or orange juice dressing for lunch or something like a spiralized vegetable dish and then I am not usually very hungry at dinner so I have…
    in Weight Loss Comment by SophiaRose
  • I work as the chef at a vegetarian restaurant and bakery. I have a lot of freedom in what I make but the manager of the restaurant feels it would be too expensive to buy raw ingredients…. :-( We are going to do an all raw dinner special soon though!…
    in 24 hour bakery Comment by SophiaRose
  • Hi Willow, Don’t starve! Have you looked into the possibility that you may have hypothyroidism? I did (do?). I had very bad circulation and gained weight. Since going raw my thyroid has normalized. I would recommend reading up on the symptoms of hyp…
    in I am starving! Comment by SophiaRose
  • I just got a champion juicer (from a guy on craigslist for $50!!!) and I love it! You will not believe how incredible fresh vegetable juice makes you feel. I felt like I was flying as I rode my bike after making my first cup of beet/carrot juice!
  • I would be interested to know the same thing as rawclaire. I was about one click away from purchasing an excalibur from rawguru.com. Theirs is $210 with free shipping.
  • Hello, I am 17 and just starting out eating raw. I am from Austin, TX but I am going to college in Sarasota, FL right now. My boyfriend (26) and I are doing it together. It is really great to have someone else to cook, eat, and talk about nutrition…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by SophiaRose