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  • Jakkrabbit, I understand you. I am an Orthodox Jew and our whole lives are centered on eating meat. While I did not become vegan so much for animal rights reasons but rather more for health reasons, I can understand the biblical perspective and soci…
  • Similar issues, but for me I think it's candida, nothing else (except the psyllium) worked!
  • I see many posts about nut butter preperation here. I have successfully been making my own almond butter for a while now. I will share what I do. I do not soak my almonds before, and I cannot say that it is raw becasue the FP makes things hot, so I …
  • Valgal, I have a similar issue. I have been back and forth raw and back and forth vegan for the past couple years. I was doing great digestively until i did a cleans with a liver/gall flush after that I was as you put it 2 to 3 times a day watery st…
  • The best remedy I have found is onion broth, yes it's cooked but it may be the only thing that helps. Cut up a few onions boil them in water til soft drink the liquid only (no eating) you can add salt to taste.