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  • thank you for the link :D
  • For me it worked out to use a skin brush and wash my skin with just normal water. I have a mixed skin.
  • Hi,   I'm Sagittarius on the last day of this zodiac. I wonder how to calculate the ascendant and the moon though.
  • Too bad - I cannot open any of the links above!
  • phoebe17 said: Another thing to consider is that it needs to be visually appetizing for kids. That's why I watch how to make cute Japanese bento boxes on Youtube.   oh I saw some videos about it and I really think kids will love this!
  • Hello everyone, thank you for the great website hints. To me it was also very important to only breast feed our baby for the first 6 months. Right now I'm feeding my baby with a combination of breast feeding and formula. It took me some time to de…
  • gedvilės said: You can try http://www.green-rose.uk.com/. Here I found organic clothes for my baby and me  This shop looks good! I try to buy organic or 2nd hand at least!
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  • When I was living in Montreal we had a mouse living in the walls but we would let it live there as throwing it out in the cold would've killed it.
  • Halas1987 said: I use Omega and I haven't experienced any trouble so far. I am happy with it.  I like this brand a lot too!
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  • Zinc helped me alot!
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