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  • Interesting.. I get most of my protien from different Algae’s, Hempseeds, Moringa leaves, Chia(Salba), Nuts & Seeds & Veggys.. Feel like I get alot! I feel my body processes it better eating raw, verses filling myself with processed food. Pe…
  • Your soo cute.:) Which one do u have the best results with? Maybe you could go online & make your own signature shampoo/soap.(Your own special blend..) Now that would be really nice.:) Have fun on your new adventure!
  • Dodo! Hi, Thanku,Thanku! Got your friend request.. Love your pics.:) “i see”, “wing mirror pics”! So cool.. In process of put some recipes on too. Will keep you posted! Ciao Bella
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • Your so creative.. “A creator” Makes me smile.. Thanku.:) Would love to be a member!
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • Very good question.. Would like to know too.:)
  • If there was no religon.. there would be no room for offense, just individual thinking that would be encouraged & appreciated for the evolution of this world.:)
  • U might find this interesting.. www.zeitgeistmovie.com Explians why it is so important to evlove & grow as a species. Very important to this world.. Not upset at religon, just sad.. Really holds back our growth & change as spiritual beings.
  • Oh my god.. Blew me away how many christians responded to “Hello Christians”!! So crazy to me. It’s like a flock of sheep following an ancient book thats been changed through time! So sad to me.. & All the horrible things that have been supporte…
  • Stay away from WHEAT & GLUTEN!! U might have Celiac Disease. Will CHANGE your life.:) Sending Love…
    in Help me please! Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • www.E3Live.com & www.AncientSunInc.com My 2 favorites.:) E3Live has:(Renew Me & Brain On) & Ancient Sun has:(Cryatal Manna & Blue Manna) LIFE CHANGING!!
  • That was really nice.:)
  • Maybe I should elaborate… Put whatever oils u want in jar (coconut, almond, whatever u choose). Then mix in drops esential oils. Mix. Smell. Keeep adding drops, till you love smell!! Then add sugar/coffee or salt. Done!:) Then Happy Time in shower!!…
    in Coconut Oil Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • SCRUB RECIPE : -Jar (with lid, glass or ceramic) -Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, or Apricot Oil ect. ect.! (any or all) -Sugar or Salt & or Coffee -Any “Esential Oils” you wish.. Lime, Orange, Wintergreen, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree.. …
    in Coconut Oil Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • DR. SCHULZE’S Formula 1 !!! Always have that on hand for situations like that.:) Ingredients: Curacao & Cape Aloe, Senna Leaf & Pod, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Oregon Grape Root, Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Garlic Bulb & Habanero Pepper…
    in Upset tummy Comment by BoyanaGaye
  • LOVE THIS SITE, BUT THERE IS ALOT OF TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH IT!! -Cant change pic -Cant use original name, had to get new one (old one just sitting in libo) Tried tech support, no response! -Cant change web page link HOPE YOU SEE THIS, PERSON OR PE…