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  • Agreed, liseten to what feels right. I feel the same at the moment, also have got a fever. Rest, drink lots of water and if you can manage some juice then have a little. It does pass!
  • Corn is sooo yummy, I was sceptical at first but its wonderful!
  • Mainly Banana, love banitos at the moment, they rock!.. my organic market has now got them! Also Apples and Oranges These are my staples!
  • quite a discussion coming here. Think theres no answer or “right” or “wrong” in this senario. Perhaps the answer is to stop seeing a Western consultant!!..one way not to get any aggrivation over lack of calories.. Anyway.. good to hear all angles/po…
  • Superb posts Chris and Zoe. Well said, far better than I would have!! Exactly, calorie intake designed for SAD cannot be compared to a 100% RAW lifestyle. Agreed on the eating less and feeling more energy. I eat small quantity during the week, proba…
  • Its hard to know what to take a risk on, not everyone can source or afford organic all of the time. Apple cider vinergar I normally use if I have to buy ””Normal”” produce. guess you have to weigh up SAD Vs regular produce and in relation sprayed fo…
  • Hormones all normal still, ovulation monthly, just no awful period!
  • http://www.waldorfhomeschoolers.com/menstruatio… From what I have read on the subject many people notice a reduction or complete loss of periods once raw. Not underweight no.
  • My hormones were all tested normals, but since I have been eating 70% raw upwards I havent had any periods- this is now 18 month without any. I had all my bloodworks and I am all “normal” so the gp said not to worry about it. So I certainly wont!
  • Thanks for the idea, may make it for friends.. I try not to have more than one thing at a time at the moment, keeping it simple. Finally got a remission from my crohns after a long time want to keep it that way :)
  • Cheers for that is going to be apples this week, I have no more room for anymore..so I think I have enough now! Thanks :)
  • I did some spinich kind of by accident, it was fine, was more if I had of left it out I would of had to throw it out a day later, wheras this way 1-2 days later I had it in some soup Not as good as fresh..but better than wasting a huge bag of spinic…
  • I took am sick of salads!! I have tried soup this week for the first time which was fabulous. Apart from that I usually have a few days of mono meals. Also green smoothies. Making some nice ice creams/sorbets also are a nice treat in the evenings. A…
  • Agreed with Chris. I get the idea behind it. Just myself personally, I am happy eating mono meals. Weekends/special occasion I may put something together. But mostly I eat fruit/veg as they are/peel and consume. Good points made by all, v intresting…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Thanks for the response Alex Pretty much what I thought. As you would normally eat, simplicity. Agree on the concept. Just much debate over different areas I am finding- such as fats in the raw diet- some saying run for the hills, others embracing i…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by rawdancer_london
  • I am reading more about 811 and its very intresting, but surely its what most raw vegans follow most of the time anyways bar gourmet stuff??.. unsure if its not anything other than common sense, anyone enlighten me? Have the book on order at the mom…
    in 8/1/1 Comment by rawdancer_london
  • I am juice feasting atm, Angela Stokes has been a major source of inspiration. I have been keeping things simple. Mornings light : Orange with lemon, Lemon water, Carrot Apple and Ginger is wonderful wake up juice!! .. Coconut Water with Apple is gr…
  • Lots and lots of ripe fruit!! I try to keep anything “dead” out of my diet or to a minimum- theres normally an alternative or whatever it is can be skipped all together Certainly if I could source raw nuts easily in the UK then I might have them as …
    in Nuts? Comment by rawdancer_london
  • I dont risk it.. even companies like to be “discreet” about saying the temperatures they are heated to, Too tricky in the UK.. I hardly eat nuts anyway. I tend to stick to pine nut, keep those for emergency.. otherwise.. isnt worth the aggrivation! …
    in Nuts? Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Yeah it is possible, just means a lot of simple mono meals during the week, then I have “treats” at the weekend- more vegetables, perhaps some nuts. If theres something exspensive like say oil or nuts, then I may get 1 exspensive item every other we…
  • I feel rather frugal! lol £10 a week £15 max. I dont have much of an appetite and my local organic grocer is good and super convenient, a 5 minute walk! Just for one tho
  • http://www.belu.org/
  • I noticed my local farm shop is now stocking a new bottled water which bottles can be crunched down and put in with the composting apparently.. will have to check the name of the product and post back. http://www.belu.org/qanda.asp?id=1 Belu water R…