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  • What make of juicer is it? The one I have requires no cutting, others are different. I am lazy so suit putting whole fruit in the shoot just fine! Apple, carrot and ginger are fabulous Lots of others too! Try looking under the juice and smoothie sec…
    in Juicing Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Thanks for the feedback all Of course friends can often me more undetstanding or you can aquire new ones. But end of the day I dont want to cut off my family because of my lifestyle. Blending both so to speak is being impossible at the moment. I don…
  • Same her Zoe, I got the cheapest one I could find at £9!! Worth advetising through free cycle or whatever to get one. Or buying a cheap one for the time being. Does me fine, would rather spend the cash on produce!
  • Thanks Zoe In the morning I can easily prepare lemon juice and water or oj. Same in the evening, its fine to use my juicer and blender. But when I am out during the day working out etc will be tricky. I will prep and carry them with me… think I am g…
  • Thank you for that Nora Just confirms the way I feel. That intuition is the best way to go, I train hard and I eat when I am hungry, not bored or for emotional reasons. Agreed, SAD eaters might not accept this way of living/amount of calories but it…
  • Thank you for that om.. I am eating what I can and am completly full. I cannot eat until I feel/am sick just to reach 1200 cals.. it dosent make sense. I eat when I am hungry. Not for any other reason. I do use fitday, but I simply cannot get over t…
  • I am mostly fruitarian, I have had crohns UC for nearly 7 years, diagnosed for 5 years. well I had, I am now healed :) Have been raw for around 6 months and focusing on getting 100% the past 3 months. Vegetarian for 10 years. Importantly you have to…
  • I deffinately feel full easily now. 1 peice of fruit is normally enough to satisfy me. It can be a problem though, people constantly fuss over how little I eat. But I can honeltly say I dont go hungry!! When I first tried raw I was either starving h…
  • My local organic store, I rang them about bulk buying, sure way to save some money on an essential ie. bananas! One case is all mine! just have to haul it home on saturday.. with a little help!
  • They are my staple also, I have as many as I feel I need. agreed you must have as many as you need to in one sitting. I love organic banana.. infact have just ordered a case :)
  • Glad thats cleared up! I train hard and drink when I am thirsty. When I am eating I hardly ever feel thirsty as I have a lot of high water content fruit n veg. Need my 3 litres a day! Well done with the fasting daisygirl glad you are feeling the ben…
    in my fast Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Right, so how much is the right amount then? Considering I am walking 2 hours a day, running an hour and hitting the gym most evenings. I have checked all the “medical” type sites which say 2.5-3.5 litres per day. What is safe? I have always thought…
    in my fast Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Doctors supervise having 3 litres a day. When you are training hard its important to rehydrate. Becoming dehydrated is a problem if your not feasting on juicy fruits as normal. Intrested to have more info/science back up limiting water intake??
    in my fast Comment by rawdancer_london
  • I am having 4 litres a day staggered through the day. Normally having juicy fruits means we hardly have to drink but when only having water is important to get enough. Keep us posted, intrested to hear more I always found water fasting easier than j…
    in my fast Comment by rawdancer_london
  • Agreed with everything above, you must have whatever you want. Dont feel limited or guilty or anything,Take it all one day at a time as you learn more and get more intune with your body and your own needs. I keep things simple again because its chea…
  • If you freeze it yourself it hasnt been heated. Completly personal choice wether or not to eat home frozen fruit.! Banana ice cream rocks :)
  • I am afraid they have been blanched in hot water before freezing. If you live in an area with limited produce/organic stuff worth finding out about bulk buying or sourcing it with other vegans- form a cooperative and buy in bulk. Fresh juicy fruit i…
  • Cheers!! I figured it out..slice it, put the slice on the side for an hour or so.. was yum Have posted the recipe :)
  • Welcome, agreed with koolie everyone is super friendly here, have certainly made me feel welcome!! Oooh new Vitamxi, lucky you! Happy blending!!
  • I am like this, recently my work had a lot of donuts and cakes around. The smell was appealing for about err 5 seconds, by the end of the day the smell was making me feel sick. Same with walking through town near fast food outlets etc!.. Definately …
  • Reporting back, had a wondeful meal :) Starter Tomato and Basil Salad, they brought me olive oil and some blended avacado/lemon dressings fresh. These were in seperate dishes so I could choose if I wanted these Main Salad Romaine Lettuce Vine Tomato…
  • Cheers Zoe Have rang the fancy shmanzy place to request a RAW meal.. should be intresting! Have now informed my family we are going to a raw vegan place for my bday next month.. :) yay!
  • I only use what I can use fresh so chilli’s , basil, mint, ginger Bit of a cloudy area.. have wondered about it, but figure fresh is safest for now since the things I like I can easily get fresh
  • Thanks so much for all the links hun! Will have a good evening of reading ahead!
  • I cant stomach smoothies .. bleh.. stick to the lighter greens for now!
  • Thanks for that, after doing a bit of reading I realised that those sorts of greens were a waste of energy/hard to digest. Which isnt wise for me right now. I will stick to the chinese lettuces and spinach :)
  • http://www.internethealthlibrary.com/DietandLif… This was a useful chart, makes a start of a complicated subject!
  • I sure did resolve the Crohns with natural hygiene. Its completly mind blowing to be able to go out without taking any tablets now after being on 30 a day. So treding carefully with the food combining is worthwhile to keep my well and fighting fit!!
  • Food combining can get confusing, but the basic chart deffinately can help. I am in remission from crohns so I deffinately find it worthwhile to follow the rules as a precaution. Only thing that really helps I find is melon alone always, and mono me…
  • Cheers, wouldnt be a problem if I was home in London just am working away and funnily enough it could be weeks till I met any of the above! Will have to wait until I get back for a young coconut hunt :)