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  • We have a new Vitnamese grocery store in town that sells them. I thought about about buying it and then remembered all of the talk on here. But talk about putting it in a smoothie – that’s a different thing. What part do you eat?
  • I do number of meals
  • I started the day thinking that I needed to do a cleanse, but by mid-day said no and had a green smoothie from my wonderful co-op called the Green Dream, banana, grapes and ended the day with B. wings (very bad habit I’m trying to break and a some c…
  • And 2 makes three and that’s all you need for a party! I want to do 80% Raw for a week and then take it up to 90% the second week. I will try to keep it at 90% for 2 weeks and then try the 100% Raw for a week or maybe 2. 4/21 – This morning I had gr…
  • That’s why I’m tired. I forgot about detoxing. I thought it was the kids and the stress of a traveling hubby. This is the most Raw I’ve been. Thanks although I totally blew it today – I will start fresh tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. I didn’t th…
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  • LOL jsorensens2 – It seems that everyone has the same problem with dinner. I wonder why. Do you think it’s the hungry time or tired and preparation thing? I’m with you Marichiesa on the simple green salad, but sometimes – I want something that’s goi…
  • DAY from hell – Breakfast – Doritos, and cashews, lunch mini mr. goodbar,and a mini- recees peanut butter cup, bowl of cereal gronola, raisens, and banana, I’m going to try a salad for dinner and a smoothie and start over tomorrow
  • Harmonylia – join the club – I was suppose to have hummus, but after having a difficult night with the kiddos – I tossed down a chicken pattie w/ steamed veggies – I have so much gas now – I may have to blow out my stress candle before releasing som…
  • I know what you mean about looking for recipes. That’s why I settled on one – two things for the week for dinner. I just ran out of Zuchini and that was the base of my hummus w/o beans – so now I will try using cucumbers.
  • I agree with everyone else. Your body has to learn what a different full vs stuffed and a different hungry vs it’s Noon, time for lunch. It is a total retraining. I see that we (newbies) are pretty much done with keeping tabs on what you are eating …
  • I’ve done water fasts for religious reasons and my recommendation is that if this is your first time fasting I would not start with a water fast. I would start with either with a juice/soup or what we call a Daniel fasts – nuts, fruits, and veggies …
  • ardesmond2 – great to see your Beautiful half! If it’s your sister oooops :)
  • I don’t know if you have a juicer, but I usually juice my greens, put the frozen bananas in the blender and then pour the juiced greens in the blender with everything else. Takes a minute, but taste better.
  • Good luck you guys – none of mine sprouted and they smelled aweful! Trash they went!
  • Do you have to do the same for oats groats? Soak, dry?, and grind – will a blender do? We are talking about making flour right?
  • ardesmond2 – What is Klamath Lake Blue green Algae and is it safe for kids?
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  • Thanks – hey it’s free so I’ll try it
  • Queen fluff – I just put up a post about a round dehydrator. Someone offered to give theirs because they are not doing raw foods anymore. She only used it twice – what say you?
  • You crack me up – Zooey Glass. Keep your humor it will help when you marry!
  • I balance the costs by getting my greens from the reduced produce they put out in the morning at my Co-Op. I can get a mixed bag of greens for like 1.09 (3- 4 bunches sometimes). The store is on my way to work so I check almost everyday. And althoug…
  • Winona – My neighbor has a dry blade and she says that she uses it more than her wet one. She makes breads (she’s not raw) and whole wheat, buckwheat pancakes, and frech toast etc. She swears by it. I’ve watched her make flour out of her seeds and s…
  • jenergy – Thanks and keep plugging away. I also map my runs/miles through www.mapmyrun.com. Type in your address and point-click the route you want to go and TAH-DAH – it tells you how many miles and estimates the Cal burned. It’s a beautiful day, b…
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  • I did four miles today – Yippie!!!
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  • ONWARD jenergy! That’s how I started! YOU GO GIRL - can you hear my WHOPPING IT UP FOR U!!!
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  • jenergy – If I can run, anybody and they mama can run. When I started I ran 15 seconds and walked 5 minutes and SLOWLY worked my way up now to 3.5 miles (yeah me!) and that’s at 190.8 lbs. I am overcoming the fear of running outside (I keep thinking…
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  • Ok – I am the novice of the group. I am starting very slowly since I am coming from 206lbs. Now down to 190 lbs since I started eating raw and running. I did my first 5K on St. Patties day and now I am training for a 10 K. I have to say the hardest …
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  • I tried soaking some garbonzo beans the other day and as my 5 yr old would say – thas dgusthing (speech problem). I changed the water every day – they plumped, but smelled awful. I decided to table the beans for right now until I can get a better un…
  • Thanks ardesmond2 – I’ve been talking to my hubby about his colon (God I hate to think what it looks like) I think I almost have talked him into doing a colon cleansing. We have a hard and fast rule in our house that you have to try before you say y…
  • I agree with this one, especially since I’m a bean fanatic. I was doing canned beans, but I think that’s a no, no. But I haven’t been able to sprout/soak anything as of yet. I’ll be watching this one for answers. Mentors where are you? :)
  • I was thinking about this last night. Since we are all newbies – maybe we could learn together. Maybe pick a topic for a week or two and talk about what we learned and then move to the next topic. Or we could do it by starting with one book and goin…
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