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  • thanks 1sweetpea – that’s logical and definitely close enough for me :0)
  • Sweet – thanks!
  • RawKidChef is your whipped cream white? I have made a couple of recipes with cashews that taste really good but don’t have that beautiful white white color? I don’t know what causes that but it makes me miss CoolWhip just a little bit. LOL
    in Whipped Cream Comment by EasyCheetah
  • Hey – speaking of Agave – I just heard from a friend who is pregnant that agave contains a trace amount of a steroid that can cause miscarriages… I was skeptical but has anyone else heard anything about that? Maybe (hopefully) it would only be proce…
    in Agave Comment by EasyCheetah
  • You can make absolutely divine cinnamon rolls with almond pulp!! Yummm!
    in Almond Pulp Comment by EasyCheetah
  • I took Alissa’s 5 day in Kittery. What do you want to know?
  • No spat intended. Dagny totally awesome – agreed – However, as I am not an Ayn Rand efficianado I didn’t realize there was anything directed toward me personally there and still keeps you painting with a broad, useless, not to mention wrong brush. C…
  • TomsMom – I believe DagnyTaggert is named after a character of Ayn Rand’s. I have never found her “shrewish and tinkle their pants easily if challenged.” On the contrary, though we don’t agree on many things, I find her posts thoughtful and intellig…
  • rawlizard I passionately believe we all need to help each other and make our world a better place to live for everyone regardless of income. We agree! Yay! I think our disagreement really comes down to HOW to do that in the best way for everyone reg…
  • LOL – sorry TomsMom – I apologize again – I just can’t seem to say the right thing to you ;0) but you always make me think and rethink where I stand on things. I really appreciate that about you and JoyceH too!
  • My sincere apologies if I came across as disrespectful in any way. Coming from a “disadvantaged” and low paid for generations family that is/was not my intent, nor my heart. Peace.
  • worleyhimself2 I have to admit the whole bail out thing made me sick. One candidate saying is the Change we need and the other one claiming to be a Maverick. Spare me. When big business called crying, neither one of them wanted to bite the hand that…
  • chriscarlton – communism by any other name is still communism. the same communism which has been tried and has failed again and again throughout history and still people try to “put lipstick on the pig” and sell it with a new face. Good grief! who d…
  • What are you suggesting?
  • DagnyTaggart – No, I am not prepared to leave anyone by the wayside. I just frankly don’t think it is beneficial for the GOVERNMENT to take on the responsibility of helping those people. The government’s solution is shallow and short sighted – take …
  • Why is it that Democrats want to make things “fair” by bringing successful people down rather than raising up those with less? It is an insult to the “middle class” in my humble opinion to say that the only to raise them up is by lowering their neig…
  • I think most people who get lumped into that “rich” category are not happy about it. Frankly, I busted my butt for years to get where I am and it is not for anyone else to judge what I would or would not miss. No matter what Obama says he is definit…
  • Sicko is pure nonsense. I have been in and around the medical industry for two decades and it is blatant propaganda with no relation to reality at all. If you feel like moving to France or Canada, please do so you can experience first hand what it f…
  • Why is it the governments job to keep me healthy? Isn’t that my job?? to keep myself healthy?
  • roadrunner This is faboulous! Sending you much love from the arctic north!!
  • No doubt we’re burning down the house… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxgSubmiGt8
  • I have been following this – duh :0) haven’t we all? – and I find it surprising that people want to blame no regulation for this problem. Have you guys seen this from youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs Very interesting stuff….
  • I have six children and there is one thing that always gets them to eat raw – DESSERT! When my children from age 1 to age 17 realized that could have dessert as a meal for any meal at any time, they were hooked. It’s pretty easy to get greens and su…
  • OMG – I am laughing so hard tears are running down my cheeks!! Thanks! A great debate and good humor too! Love it.
  • My sweet husband has dubbed Sarma Mengalais as the “raw babe” and refuses to call her by anything else. I have to say I agree she is totally hot. :0)
  • Sorry guys – didn’t realize someone had already posted this. Late to the game I guess. You are right about the math too. Egg on my face…sigh. Ah well they are talking about a 700 billion bailout now and that would be $3500 which be a bit more crap t…
  • LOVE these. Here is my question – how the heck do you keep ‘em crispy? I love ‘em right out of the dehydrator but if there are any left they are limp really quick? Any help?
  • I totally respect anyone who supports Obama. However, I have yet to see any liberal essay or opinion piece at all that can point to the things about the opposition ticket that they don’t like or don’t agree with without rage, hatefullness, evil word…
  • Hey guys – I don’t know. Tanya makes a pretty good case for dry fasting and it makes a ton of sense to me. I would encourage you to get the book or check it out from the library and see for yourself. She even quotes David Wolfe as a proponent of dry…
  • Hey roadrunner congrats on quitting smoking! If you can do that, you can conquer anything! It really is amazing how much energy you can have utilizing the nutrients you have already consumed rather than constantly adding more. I feel tons better and…