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  • Thanks, Angie, I did indeed have a great birthday. I love my new Champion, what a joy it is to use!
  • Angie-guess what? I have a Champion on the way! I'm blessed to have wonderful friends and family and received some money for my birthday (today I'm 50!) and I've been wanting one, especially for the homogenizer feature. Because you're right, when it…
  • I just found the sprout balls recipe. It calls for 2 cups each dried figs, dates, prunes, and apricots (geez, that's alot of dried fruit! I'm sure there's a way to halve the recipe). Then 1 cup of wheat berry sprouts. It then says to chop the fruit …
  • I'm with you, Angie, wouldn't living in California be nice? Avocados are pricey so I only get them occasionally, plus half the time  at the store they're too overripe. I'll try that pudding, and I never thought of freezing them! I know there are rec…
  • Hi Angie, I'm so happy that you enjoy sprouting too, and that's nice to hear that you have a little garden space nowadays to grow your plants too! I'm still impressed by how much nutrition the little things have in them, and for such a low cost. I d…
  • Terryvn, thank you for your post, specifically referring to the entourage effect. I like to think of it this way- we know that when we eat our healthy foods whole, it is the best and most natural way to get the vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Eaten the…
  • Hi everyone, thank you kindly for all of your help. I forgot that I posted this months ago, glad y'all responded to my old post.                  I've been doing well. Y'all had some great suggestions! I will certainly start in on some of them. Bana…