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  • Thanks Nancy. I will try your tips. My one friend has a green star and said she loves her Champion better so I just kept wondering what I'm doing wrong. I purchased it new. I don't think bigger hole in the screen will help per say. It seems like the…
  • thanks! I did contact the store I purchased it from and they sent me a customer service number for Champion so I'll be calling them this week. I think the biggest problem is that the screen keeps getting clogged and that is backing up the whole proc…
  • Thanks! I was having a bad morning when I wrote this. I decided I am probably best to try and do the frustrating prep work in the evening when I'm not jonesing for coffee. :) My husband suggested selling it too. I know some people love the thing, bu…
  • I have tried the blender and straining the juice and it’s just a big mess and PITA in my opinion. LOL I have a toddler and not much time in the morning, but I have been sticking with using my juicer since it’s not too much of a mess. Thanks everyone…
  • TomsMom – Right now, I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. Some greens. My Juiceman does ok with kales and parsley if I ball it up. Not fabulous, but I can tell I’m getting something out of them. I also have been doing some carrot/beet blends …
  • hello. Does anyone have a good source of scoby? I have only had a couple GT Kombuchas but I love love LOVE it! Sadly, I cannot afford to drink it much unless I learn to make it myself. I remember reading some where that you can use a bottled one to …
    in Kombucha Brewing Comment by mamak
  • not sure about the raw rules, but normally I store walnuts in the freezer. They go racid really fast.
  • Thanks! It is tempting to want to try out all the expensive and fancy things that ppl mention on here. I do NEED to find a source for young coconuts. I had one from the healthfood store and it was soooo amazing. Better than ice cream! :)
    in raw on a budget Comment by mamak
  • I want to chime in and say that I’ve ordered from them several times. Not only did they have the BEST prices for my prenatal vitamins but the shipped fast and always have sales and promotions going on.
  • Thanks so much Zoe! I’m going to see if I can investigate the frozen fruits a little more. In some cases (ie organic strawberries and blueberries) I’m finding that the frozen is cheaper than fresh. I’m not really comfortable with conventional berrie…
  • We’ve flown with DS several times. He’s 20mos old now. Larabars are raw and my son LOVES them. If she’s nursing or still using a paci or bottle, give that to her at take off and landing to help with the ear pressure. Hylands Homeopathics makes some …
    in Toddler Travel Comment by mamak