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  • I think, for me, exercise really helps. Another, more experimental, treatment, is saffron, believe it or not! It is expensive to get the real stuff, I know, but steeping about six or so stigmas of saffron in some hot water long enough to make a “tea…
  • It could possibly be detoxing your liver, ‘cuz, well, that’s what dandelion does. And that detox definitely doesn’t make me feel very good at first.
  • Hi David! I’m interested, as this is a company I normally utilize anyway! I am in Canada, though- is that okay? Nadine
    in Nuts for Sale Comment by Tiger lily
  • Thanks, amysue! I hope I’m not the first to try-I somehow always manage to try for the most offbeat ideas ever!! HA! Pianissima- I’m looking to make all the dishes that keep me going, from simple daily things like flax crackers all the way to “gourm…
  • I’m not going to try for being “helpful” here-just encouraging! :) Those sound really yummy! What ideas do you guys have for what to make them with?
  • If anything I believe that being raw will help reverse any candida overgrowth in the body….the only cautionary items I can think to keep away from would be oranges (which have yeast) and raisins (also covered in natural yeast). However, the small am…
  • Hing? That’s asoefetida, right? Does anyone know what classification hing/asoefetida would fall under as far as being raw-wise? I always thought it was some kind of resin (boiled!).... My mistake….after googling a bit, it looks like the resin is mad…
  • I am often provoked to think about what the long-term may bring, in part due to my job (working in a senior care home.) In a perfect world, we will all remain in charge of our own circumstances, but if, heaven forbid “sonething” should happen, in wh…
  • That sounds so cool! Cashews are notorious for getting unintentionally smooshy from over-soaking, so why couldn’t they do it intentionally, right? P.S. I’m on the PPK, too….do we know each other??
  • Raw, unsalted, unfermented (I think) dried olives. They were SO oily, and rancid-tasting!!!
  • Ah, fellow oil pullers!! :) Elizabeth, I too am using cold-pressed sesame oil for oil pulling, and while the oil definitely does change to a thinner consistency and gets creamy-coloured, it never seems to become “milk white” like some sites say it …
    in Oil Pulling Comment by Tiger lily
  • I am very new to raw, but it is not a venture I took lightly when I decided to make the transition…What I mean is, people in this lifestyle usually do their “homework” before making the switch, we’re all intelligent people here, and, speaking from e…
  • I am a big fan of Natalia Rose’s book. I think that you should feel okay without following the strict combining rules that she gives. For example, after some experimenting, I have learned that fruit and avocado is perfectly okay…..for me, anyways. J…
  • It reminded me of muscle testing, which is not scientific. I didn’t realize that…
  • Hi guys! It’s great to read about your opinions on these two blenders! I am new here, and am now realizing I need a better blender. However, I just can’t justify getting a Vitamix at this time, so the Blendtec sounds like a little better option. Oh,…