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  • Hi yescathyis – I think it is normal for your weight to fluctuate….it could be based on what your eating. If you started out with lighter foods your body will naturally be lighter, but if you have nuts in your system they will weigh you down a bit. …
  • Hi Chris, The largest contributing factors were practicing food combining and cutting out most of the raw
  • Hi Chris – I would just like to say that I respect your point of view and everything that you have said. But, I do think that it is a good thing that there is so much more information out there these days whether some of it is conflicting or not. I …
  • Hey Everyone – thanks so much for all of your input! Based on everyone’s input it seems like it depends on your body and what stage of the process of going raw you are in. I.E. someone that has been raw for 5 years may be more sensitive to food comb…
    in Food Combining Comment by VIBRANCE
  • I recomend trying food combining. I had really bad digestive problems after eating raw for a few months. What happens is that once the body starts cleaning itself and detoxing it is more sensitive to food combinations or lets say you notice the dige…
    in food combining... Comment by VIBRANCE
  • This is kind of a personal topic, but if you are not going #2 everyday that is probably a big part of the problem. Extra fat is waste and toxins that the body can not get rid of so even the healthiest of eaters such as us raw foodies can be overweig…
  • Not sure if this would help with the stomach acid, but it will help with digesting the green smoothies: This may sound a bit weird, but you should chew your green smoothie. Digestion starts in the mouth when saliva is created by chewing and the sali…