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  • Way To Go Jen!!! Let me just say congrats on giving up alcohol and taking charge of your (and your sons) life. I grew up with alcoholic parents and it is not a path I wish for anyone. Adding eating raw to your lifestyle is a wonderful thing. I am pr…
    in Raw feels good! Comment by vegalone
  • I know what you mean rawdancer, I have the same issues. My poor mother has to deal with me and my sister both!! But I always ask what they are having and then offer to bring something and always pick a raw dish that will compliment what they are hav…
  • the website for the place I went to is www.hydrotaste.com jamie
  • Well actually these plants were outside. They were growing in these upright containers which hold many plants all the way around this cone shaped unit. I know they don’t use soil, but they use this special sauce to help them grow and I was just curi…
  • On the other end of the spectrum if you don’t feel you are at that “stage” why post a response or look for suggestions. The thing I see a lot of is there are SO many different views and there is So much information on the internet about foods and di…
  • rawstiles, I always keep young coconuts in my fridge and if I open one and don’t need the water or the meat for something right then, I cover it and put it in the frige to use in smoothies. The meat works great to thicken anything. I don’t want it t…
    in Coconuts Comment by vegalone
  • Yes James, I do believe you are correct. I am going to do that starting today. Thanks for the advice. My next goal is to quit cooking it for my family..:)
    in Simple recipes?? Comment by vegalone
  • Thanks Kandace, I didn’t see that. I will try some of those.
    in Simple recipes?? Comment by vegalone
  • thanks vaugn and pam. I appreciate your posts. I DO LOVE the feeling when eating raw…HATE the feeling of being full. Those are good suggestions pam, I will try doing the wraps with the nori today. I have some that I didn’t know exactly how I was goi…
    in Simple recipes?? Comment by vegalone
  • Thank you for your suggestions. I actually have the equipment…(i am the type to buy it all especially when it comes to kitchen stuff) to make the recipes, but just wanted some suggestions on what you eat on a typical day that you don’t use all that …
    in Simple recipes?? Comment by vegalone
  • I have not ordered their meals, but I have made several recipes from his book. There are some good ones, but in my opinion he uses to much nama soyu (not sure if that is spelled right.) They are very salty. But I think that is a good price for the w…
  • You know what I say to people that make a comment about not eating meat? How many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat a day??? Nuts and Grains? That usually shuts them up really quick.
  • If you ever get the chance to eat at pure food and wine in nyc go….wonderful. Loved the atmosphere too. Jamie
  • ok…I am really confused now..