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  • The link is safe! Its a Good Morning America piece regarding a book titled, Why Hospitals Should Fly. Its a discussion about the safetly in hospitals nowadays and how something like, 260 deaths a day are a result of medical mistakes. Medical Mistake…
  • Congrats! I was in a similair boat and have only been "clean" for about 1 month. Gave up cigarettes, caffiene, and am eating mostly raw. I will warn you...I had such severe detox symptoms that I could not exercise, work or even leave the house for a…
  • She does look like a beautiful baby doll!! So perfect! Congrats!
  • Joyce H, I am a newbie to raw, for health reasons. I wanted to feel better and look better, enjoy a longer, better life, but no moral reasons ever entered into it. I have never looked into being a vegetarian because of cruelty to animals. I love ani…
  • I've noticed that since becoming more raw I don't keep to an eating schedule. I just eat when I'm hungry. So, this is my day so far... Smoothie; strawberries, pineapple, banana, lemon wedge and spinach. Caramel apples. (I posted the recipe. More exp…
  • Hi guys! Its funny because I discovered the raw lifestyle on Peter Glickmans website. Friends of mine were doing the MC for weight loss and I needed to lose weight, but I also thought it would be a great way to clean my body. (I was a terrible SAD e…
  • I am a raw newbie and live in a house full of meat lovin' men! Its funny to me that despite all of the teasing, they've tried just about everything I've made and liked it. Even to the point of stating that they wouldn't mind more fruit and veggies i…
  • Hi Everyone!! My name is Cara and I have been planning my jump from SAD to raw for a few weeks. This week I've been trying some recipes daily and learning to use my blender. Its funny, cause I live in a house full of meat lovin' guys and have heard …
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  • Turned 30 this February. First "difficult" birthday for me. I look a lot younger, I've been told. I think that I've probably gotten even younger looking in just the last month of eating raw! :)
  • Flushing, Michigan. Waiting for the warmth so I can plant the garden!! :)
  • Hi everyone, My name is Cara and I'm a very unhealthy 30 year old woman who has been trying all of the wrong things for the last 10 years to reach that "highschool" weight. I started nursing school about a year ago and since have had many eye openin…