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  • That is so funny, I woke up this morning thinking about how I could make waffles. I’ll be trying out your technique, sweetpea, thanks.
    in Raw Waffles Comment by bunny
  • I have been trying to get more in depth thyroid testing for over a year, and my doctors will not run the tests. My TSH is 2.9, which they say is right in the middle, but I also have every symptom of hypothyroid. I have asked both my GP and my endocr…
    in Hypothyroidism? Comment by bunny
  • I am feeling your pain on this one. I have started cutting down on my variety of nuts, and am also doing mostly sunflower seeds and small amounts of almonds. The nuts were killing me at the checkout.
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by bunny
  • I have found the best source of local honey to be craft fairs, city fairs, soirees, any time there is a venue where local people are setting up booths. There always seems to be on or two honey people there. And don’t underestimate the local grocery …
    in Allergies Comment by bunny
  • shrk_byte, when I moved to Hawaii I suddenly had terrible allergies whenever the mango trees or lehua would bloom. A beekeeper told me to try eating local honey. Of course I thought she was just trying to sell me something. But I did buy some lehua …
    in Allergies Comment by bunny
  • Thanks! I am loving this site. I drool constantly while I’m surfing.
    in Bunny Berry Here Comment by bunny
  • Aw, thanks guys! I’m having a blast so far.
  • I’m going to be spending a week out of town in June, and will be staying in a hotel with a fridge. So, I’m bumping this thread in hopes of more traveling raw tips. I’m hoping a local friend can loan me a blender while I’m in my hotel. If not, I’ll b…
    in RAW Travelling Comment by bunny