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  • One fun way to get the younger kids to eat raw veggies: dulse and kelp flakes in shaker bottles. I have these bottles on the table instead of salt or pepper. My 2 year-old daughter loves to coat her raw peas, broccoli, etc in the salty-tasting sea v…
  • My mom is trying to do the raw diet, and was a big meat eater- her favorite meals right now are raw goat cheese (which even if he is allergic to cow, he can probably do just fine) on dehydrated crackers; avocado and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with se…
  • Thank you so much- keep the ideas coming! The chocolate pudding sounded so good, that I jumped right up and made some. I’m going to try lots of these ideas. Deasmiles…glad you like the name. Buffalo, NY is my hometown, actually, and it’s going throu…
  • You may be interested in the book The Raw Food Detox by Natalia Rose. She writes about the 5 levels of raw food diet. If you are having a really tough time with Level 1 (95-100% raw) you may want to consider dropping back to Level 2 (85-95% raw) for…
  • Thanks so much for the info. I checked out Baby Greens on Amazon and I’m going to purchase it. It sounds like it has great live-food recipes my toddler will like, and that can only help in her diet!
  • I don’t have a spiralizer and slice my zucchini with a knife, or use a cheese grater on it, and it’s never been watery. Maybe you could try that? I also buy baby or small zucchinis because they are more flavorful, and maybe that’s why they’re not wa…