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  • I upped my water intake and voilá all is back to normal … very much so! :) I was nerver super dry, I just felt I had less lubrication than before. Just drinking more water set me straight. Easy solution, uh? Thanks everyone! Nathalie
  • Superfood, yes I feel sexy … totally. I have lost 20 pouds in the last year, my sex drive has gone up (not that it needed much help to start off with – I think I might be peaking) and I after 7 years of marriage I still have plenty of sex with my hu…
  • Thanks Stephanie! I’m not too worried, just curious if anyone else has noticed the same. :)
  • heartshapedsky, I didn’t know Jason Mraz was a raw foodie, I love him!!
  • Absolutely 100% Mike Adams (the Health Ranger). I saw him at the Raw Food Fetival this year and he is SUPER hot (way more than in his videos) and he also has that attractive super energy about him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OND48fd_Gj0 Nathalie
  • Hahaha, that is FUNNY RawVoice!! Did anyone read the “letter”, the joke is OBVIOUS!! :)
  • End of day 6. OK, so I did it again, I had a tiny bite of white rice, but I dipped my finger into a green goddess dressing, 4 times this time! I’m thinking of cutting it off!! LOL I’ve pretty much stopped the cleanse, haven’t I? Should I stop now? A…
  • I’m on day 6 today … but messed up a bit yesterday. I SO, SO wanted to taste something different in my mouth and for dinner when I made pasta for the kids I dipped my finger in the marinara sauce, three times!! I was also wondering if I can drink co…
  • HI! I’m on day 4, doing well, not feeling hungry but still wanting to eat something, if that makes any sense. I’m also feeling a bit cold, but I don’t know if that mostly has to do with the weather starting to change here in Ohio. I think I’m going …
  • Hola Allantgy! Where in Venezuela are you? I was born in Valencia, but lived Caracas, Anaco & Merida. I am in the US now. Nice to see another Venezuelan in this path. Nathalie
  • Hola Allantgy! Where in Venezuela are you? I was born in Valencia, but lived Caracas, Anaco & Merida. I am in the US now. Nice to see another Venezuelan in this path. Nathalie
  • Me too, Me too! Since I’ve gone raw (well not 100), I have noticed my hands being yellow. I don’t really eat carrots very much, but I do make the occasional carrot/walnut patties. I thought it was maybe something to do with my digestive issues, but …
    in YELLO hands Comment by Shutter Nutter
  • Welcome Chicagoan!! ... if yummy recipes is what you want, this is definitely the place! Enjoy and bienvenido :)
  • Anngoingraw – One sweet that i like is 2 avocados with a 1/4 up of coconut water, half a vanilla bean (scraped seed) and some agave to sweeten to taste. It’s nice on it’s own, like vanilla pudding, but when I had it the first time it was poured over…
    in The AVOCADO Comment by Shutter Nutter
  • If one could live of avocados, I would! That and coconuts and chocolate. I have avocados with most anything and everything, sweet or salty. Nothings beats a good guacamole. Lately I’ve been chowing down on a recipe found here. It’s avocados (with a …
    in The AVOCADO Comment by Shutter Nutter
  • Thanks Angie! Very interesting. I, like you, feel AWFUL on regular milk chocolate so I stayed away from the raw chocolate too. I have the powder from Sunfoods sitting on my counter, so I will for sure try your shake. Although, now thinking back, I d…
  • I swear gals, those crazy hormones will do us in every time! See how no men have replied to this thread!! hahaha Some months are not so bad, but others, boy I will raid my whole pantry and still feel like “OK what can I eat next”. The moment I finis…
  • Harmonylia I hear you! The week/days before my cycle I go into crave and graze mode, hard! Maybe that’s what up me with :) Marichiesa, rum raisin ice cream and biscuits and sausage gravy? I hope not all together in one bowl, now THAT really would be…
  • Hahaha Slosh, you make me feel better already! :) What a night … I won’t even ask about the morning! Big Smile!
  • Lately I’ve been thinking that they don’t love me either. I have digestive issues (gastritis being one of them) and I do feel my stomach pains get worse when I eat nuts :(
  • Can I do a SWF without doing the MC. Just as a means of “cleaning” out?
  • Hahaha Kundalalita, that’s funny!
  • I agree I love how haapy and vibrant people look on this site. Just beautiful!
  • Hi Rawclaire, yes they are reusable! :)
  • I thought chapter 4 was excellent … they are all good. Even though I have the book, I haven’t “read” it yet. I also bought the audio CD (which is read by Tolle) and it is WONDERFUL to listen to. I’ve already started to make some adjustments in my wa…
    in A New Earth Comment by Shutter Nutter
  • I wish you girls luck! I decided to leave mine till next week … I have way too much food to use up that will spoil if I don’t. I will also get the book and read it meanwhile. Sending positive energies your way.
  • Carmentina & Kminty3, any after thoughts or words of wisdom?
  • I”m in! I’m probably going to start it tomorrow (Sunday). Good Luck to all of us!
  • Just turned 37! Hoping to feel even more wonderful by 38 … OK, Rawclaire, you are not really 13?
  • hummm, I never thought of that. Has anyone ever froze one of their patties? I don’t mind it looking too bad since I’ll just wrap them in a leaf with yummy stuff on them … but the taste.