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  • Does anyone ever put sprouts in their green smoothies? I have seen lots of recipes for green drinks, but none of them ever say to add sprouts. Just wondering if there is some reason not to? Marcy
  • Yes, I am still confused also as to weather “young green shoots” are the same thing as “sprouts”, or if they mean the leaves and grass that would grow from the sprout? Does it mean that the sprout also has high amounts of the fagopyrin? At any rate…
  • I really know nothing about this, but I did read a post somewhere that said grasses were undigestable by our type stomachs (cows have 4 to handle it), and we should not eat grass. However if you juice it that makes it OK. Now I am still unclear abou…
  • Hey…aren’t buckwheat sprouts OK to eat? I just bought some. Marcy
  • I have been getting the wheat grass “shooters” from the farmers market when we go on Sat. It took me a while to get used to that taste too, altho it never did cause a gag reflex. To me it tastes like freshly mowed lawn smells. Ha. I did head right o…
  • Wow…those are really interesting reading. Now I am convinced that using it is really MORE than OK. It is actually GOOD for you. This is great news as I love the taste of it. :-) Wish I had started on this quest for good foods info YEARS ago. Ah wel…
  • Yes, I have been googling the info, but most of the sites I find say to avoid saturated fats as they cause the “bad HDL type to raise. I am aware too of the good kind in like avocado & nuts, etc, but I keep finding lists that list the coconut o…
  • I read that coconut oil is very high in saturated fat. Since I am dealing with high cholesterol levels in my blood test, shouldn’t I avoid eating this type of fat? Marcy
  • Now I am wondering if the Agave gel (juice) that I am now taking for heartburn is also suspect. I got it at the local healthfood store. Do you know of any problems with the gel (from the fillet in the middle of it)? Marcy
  • Thanks Humanimal. I looked up the Pau D’Arco but everywhere it tells about it, it says to make a “decoction” by boiling it and not to steep it as in tea. I wonder why? This recipe sounds great and I plan on trying it soon. Marcy
  • I would like that cacao recipe with Maca Humanimal. Where does Maca come from anyway? Also I am unfaminiar with fo-ti. What is that? Thanks for info. Marcy
  • Rawveganlove says the inner peel is toxic…..then Rawmama says to avoid the COLORED part (the zest), but to eat the pith part beneath the colored peel as the nutrients are there. Now I am really confused as to which part (IF ANY) of the peel is safe…
  • That is interesting about the apricot and prune seeds and cancer. However, they are so large one would not ordinarily be eating those anyway. If you put it in the blender it seems it would release the cyanide on its own and be dangerous. Does apple …
  • Do you still have to soak if the nuts are not raw (as in dry roasted, etc.?) My sister has been making nut butters a lot but she does not use raw nuts. I figure it is a moot point if they are not raw anyway, or does it still mater. Marcy