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  • Grab some gloves and slice off the stem. Then slice it in half lengthwise and you will be able to scrape out the seeds/membrane easily. As for heat levels, they vary. You may have one that is very, very mild, then the next one might be hot. Start wi…
  • My Whole Foods does have: Raw Almond Butter Raw Coconut Butter (with the Coconut Oils) Braggs Raw Seeds Nama Shoyu Raw Nori and other Raw Seaweed Raw Agave Nectar Unpasteurized Pickles, Olives, Miso, Saurkraut Kim-Chi I have not been able to find: R…
  • Yeah, try and keep it to mostly fruits/veggies and you can save a bundle. Easiest thing I have found is to have fruit smoothies for breakfast and either green smoothies or salad for lunch. Both of these meals are inexpensive to make and very easy al…
  • I don’t know if the controls changed from K-Tec to BlendTec, but my BlendTec does have variable speed controls. Basically on the right side of the control panel are up/down buttons, and this changes the speed setting from 1 to 10. Granted, it is tim…
  • I started at 290 pounds over 5 months ago, and I am now 228 pounds. I did not monitor my fat intake so much, but tried to keep it lean to a degree. I never ate a bunch of fats bascially but never tried to avoid or limit them either.
    in Weightloss Comment by RawVegan4Health
  • I have noticed this as well. When I drink now, I only have one or two drinks, and have absolutely no need or desire to go on past two drinks. I am pretty giddy after the two drinks now. That is saying a lot because I am a pretty big boy!
  • did you order the 120 International model, or the standard model? 120 International model – http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/9-Tray-LARGE… Standard model (110) – http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/9-Tray-Large… I see your profile lists you in SoCa…
  • WooHoo! Ahh yes, shiny new dehydrator pics. Me likey!
  • Greetings from a fellow Kansan who is also in suburbs of Kansas City (Overland Park).
  • My food bill is down so long as I am not eating lots of nuts, cacao nibs, goji berries, or the like. It can easily go up when adding those sorts of things though.
  • Welcome! I am from Kansas in the Kansas City area as well.
  • That’s the correct one, the newer version. I read it just over a week ago, it is EXCELLENT! It helped me understand my cravings as well, and that info alone is very helpful in overcoming them. Since it’s still a new book and I just recently finished…
  • The hallucenogenic effects of the mushrooms are your bodies reactions to the toxins in these mushrooms. They are natural, but so is poison ivy. a rash is the bodies natural reaction to poison ivy. There is no good reason to do this other than youthf…
    in Drugs Comment by RawVegan4Health
  • I have a burning question that relates to this. Just curious about everyones opinion. How is using nutritional yeast as a seasoning any different than using paprika from a raw standpoint?
  • I have to have Bananas, Apples and Pears on supply at all times. Everything else is just extra yummies to choose from.
  • I ordered mine late Friday night on 6/22. The shipped it via FedEx ground on Tuesday 6/26 from Sacramento CA. I live near Kansas City in KS. According to the tracking number it should arrive tomorrow 6/30. So roughly a week to go halfway across the …
  • In case anyone finds this helpful, the Excalibur website has a special through June 30th where you can get the dehydrator, the 10-year warranty, some solid paraflexx sheets, the screen trays, a book and free shipping (most locations) all bundled in.…
  • When I went raw, I went through a few weeks where I was very tired waking up in the morning. I could get up easily if I made myself, but I simply wanted to go back to sleep at first. On days off of work, I would sleep in a couple hours late every da…
  • Hello! I just wanted to suggest starting with easy stuff for jsut one or 2 meals every day. for me it was a fruit smoothie at breakfast and a green smoothie at lunch. Both very tasty, very raw, and very EASY! Just change up the fruits and greens fre…
  • I have officially made it 30 days 100% raw now. Looking forward to making that 60!
  • Day 20 here! Feeling GREAT!
  • Hi! I’m Chris and I have been 100% raw for 4 days, and after dinner tonight it will be 5 days!
  • Lost weight Look younger and healthier Have more energy Feel better overall, pysically, mentally, spiritually My horrible allergies went away (may be back for detox at 100% however) Increased sex drive I look more “alive”. This one is hard to …
  • Lifelong native of Kansas City area, currently living in Kansas.