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  • we all have our contradictions =] You must have very strong will power. Very admirable. I'm proud of your accomplishments
  • Don't be dissapointed in yourself, pastel...that's what really got to me. I would eat and eat cooked food, feel guilty and dissapointed, and then eat again! No wonder I gained the weight back. You can do it, pastel, I believe in you! It's only been …
  • aw, fonky, you're wonderful! It IS about self-love, and these past few months, I've totally lost that. But, being raw, coupled with positive affirmations, meditating, and giving to others, is really helping. I feel confident now, and I have unwaveri…
  • Hey Sharla! Thank you sooooo much! I'm glad we talk about our journey's; it really helps. I'm finally doing it! It's like watching a child walk for the first time. =) I have to consciously tell myself WHY I should eat raw, and not cooked. If I don't…
  • My second day raw. I feel empowered, beautiful...and tired! I forgot what detoxing was like. I'm making conscious, healthy decisions, and I love it! I'm out of this depressive hole, and I feel great. Question: What do you feel about eating later at …
  • I did it. I took the first step. I went raw today. I felt so bad last night, just crying and crying.It occured to me that I don't have to "wait" and be raw. I can just do it now. I had a "eureka" moment. I've been "asleep" for the past few months, a…
  • Thank you guys. Last night I had a COMPLETE wake up call. I had to go to the hospital for a psychiatric analysis(I suffer from severe depression), and they had to weigh me. 88kg. 194 lbs. Complete wake up call. I have to wait 2 more days before I go…
  • I am going to fast on Sunday. I've stayed raw longer and more peacefully after I fasted. Anyways, the Raw Divas program calls for a 24 hour fast to start-Stop eating at 6 PM Saturday, and resume eating at 6 PM Sunday. Saturday I'm probably going to …
  • Exactly. Tomorrow IS a new day! The past and the future are all just illusions. It is our present that matters. Unfortunately, I have to wait until next Sunday to make the full switch, but I'm not going to worry. I'm going to thrive each moment.
  • Schrip i would love to be your friend. Don't worry about feeling immature. Eating disorders make us wise beyond our years. We need faith in ourselves, and by helping each other, and having a supportive community, we can beat this disease.
  • Thank you soooo much. Gosh, the ONLY reason I'm not going raw right now is because we don't have a lot of money this week (rent week), so produce is low. My body image as really gone down-I looked in a mirror today at JCPenney, and almost broke down…
  • I'm the EXACT same way, Bitt. I gained weight when I went backed to cooked food-it was like an addiction. I know now that it was the chemicals in the food that had me hooked, and I've made the conscious decision to be raw and STAY raw. It's only bee…
    in No weight loss? Comment by liger99
  • I must start exercising again, too. Thats probably why I haven't been very successful at all this rawness. I am proud of myself today. I ate very healthy vegan, and only slipped up twice, and not huge slip-ups either. What are good exercises to star…
    in Failing at Raw Comment by liger99
  • im just taking it one moment at a time. i really am looking into intuitive eating, see where that takes me
    in Failing at Raw Comment by liger99
  • What are good ways to transition into raw? Because I know now, after learning the hard way, that I cant do it cold turkey.
    in Failing at Raw Comment by liger99
  • I know, I ust hate the fact that I've gained all the weight back! Im ready to change, I cant live like a bulimic anymore. I am a raw foodist, and I deserve happiness. I was really into EFT, but I stopped for who knows what. Im starting with that aga…
    in Failing at Raw Comment by liger99
  • Im afraid of overeaters anonymous. I just dont know how to just do it, you know. I like being 100 percent raw, its just, I cant seem to get control. I hate bulimia soooo much, I just want to be back where I was this summer! But, your words mean a lo…
    in Failing at Raw Comment by liger99
  • I get constipated if I eat more fat then necessary. Even if I eat a lot of fiber that day, I still am stopped up for a few days, until I cut it out.
    in Fat Comment by liger99
  • mmmmm...wraps sound good. I try not to use many spices, but I am partial to cumin =]. I'll try a marinade, and see how that goes. I dont like using oils very much. Is there something else I can marinate my veggies in?
  • I eat a lot of fruit. But I love vegetables! lol. I guess Im just being picky, or something. I just want something fun to do with my veggies besides putting them in a salad
  • I follow the 8-1-1 and natural hygeine so oils and braggs are off limits
  • Its not that I don't like what i buy...i just want to find something else instead of eating them plain. Something fun, per say...
  • I dont have a dehydrator or a juicer. =[ Guess I should have mentioned that
  • What do you do after a binge? I succeeded in not purging, which is major, but now I dont know what to do. Ive gained weight from months of binging and purging, and now I dont know what to do, ot how im going to get through it. Please help
  • I've been dealing with bulimia and poor body issues for years. When I was 11, I weighed 260 lbs! So, of course, I've instilled a hatred for my body. This summer, I went 100% raw for about 3 1/2 months. In the past years, I've gone from 260 to my low…
  • Thank you. Im really pumped about getting healthy. I thought about binging again today, and then thought back on how bad I feel afterwards. This is my life. I want to THRIVE not just SURVIVE
  • im trying, but this week I felt like I was breathing underwater. I binged almost everyday this week and last. Im done. Its so scary, and on top of depression, I feel almost hopeless. There is a light though. If anyone has any advice, please comment …
  • AVL,I feel your pain. I told myself to be raw all week, and as soon as I let down my guard...BAM. I haven't really binged too bad, and I don't plan on it. It just...sucks. I need my therapist. I need to get down to the bottom of why I binge
  • I JUST started EFT and I love it! I feel so much...better? Cleaner? Relieved? now that I've started. Whatever I feel, it feels good! Do any of you guys use EFT, and has it helped you stay raw?
  • Same here. Right now, all I want to do is eat SAD food. But, I can make it through this. I will be raw. =] And, I'm going running tomorrow. I'm so excited!