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  • raw choco..i must admit that this very well may be true about the idea that we all may metabolise certain foods in different ways from each other. So then consider: those native peoples could have a hundred generation head start on some of us with r…
  • Hey, listen.. I have dealt with these symptoms for years (symptom-free for 2 1/2 years, now..). The burps were so bad that I would gag, and most of the time symptoms would escalate into severe stomach cramping with horrid diarrhea and vomiting. I co…
  • Giardia Lamblia. Have you had any accompanying diarrhea?
  • Get some sunshine on your face. The sun will kill the bacteria and seriously assist your body with detox. Sunshine is so important for your skin, you will see amazing results.. there is much less risk this time of year for burns, too.
  • i have only been 100% for five days, and actually this happened because i had a reaction to cooked food! after two days raw, I had some boiled yucca root and woke the next morning feeling achy all over and with a headache and sore throat. Five days …