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  • I think we eat them because they are "free". It's like people that smoke out of other peoples ciggarette packs, if you don't buy it yourself it is not a REAL problem! Ha ha! I do this with food too... I think "Oh Ill just have a tiny bite just this …
  • Hi dianthus, Oh I’m sorry for your despair and confusion; FOOD IS A DRUG! It changes our chemistry no matter if it is broccoli or chocolate. I understand that you “know” all the good info and habits and that “being” these things is so different from…
  • ok I just ordered the book, though with 5 yrs RV and obsessive at some points I pretty much know tons. Fat is my weakness; coconut, tahini, avo, chia, hemp. My bod is more efficient without them so I will go 811 and see how it treats me! I do 2 hour…