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  • I’ve grown many types of sprouts in many different types of sprouters, and have never had a problem with mold. Are you sure you are seeing MOLD? Some sprouts have very fine, fuzzy roots, and the fuzz could look like mold. If what you are seeing is g…
  • Brocoli is my favorite, also love alfalfa alone or mixed with radish and dill. There are so many choices and combinations, it’s really hard to define a favorite!
  • I have a Healthy Juicer that I bought from www.sproutpeople.com. It was about $45. It does a fine job for wheat grass. I even used it for carrot slivers once just to see if it worked for that too. I have also used it for parsley juice. It is worth t…
  • Sprouts need a little warmth to germinate the seed, so leaving it on the counter is good. Check out www.sproutpeople.com, they give instructions for all types of sprouts as far as soak times, and how long to let them sprout before eating. Some peopl…
    in sprouting Comment by pmcgrath608
  • I made a green smoothie with cabbage, carrot, apple, and romaine lettuce. The cabbage gave it a definite “bite”. Almost like a spicy-hot sensation. Does anyone know some way to minimize this? Thanks!
  • They are pretty equal as far as nutritional value. The dark seeds have almost no flavor of their own, so they are great to put with other foods for their fiber/oil benefit. The golden flax have a stronger nuttier flavor and fragrance, they remind me…
  • Buckwheat is said to be very good for veins (I believe the beneficial substance in buckwheat is rutin). Vitamin C is essential for veins and cappilaries. Sometimes varicose veins are just a gift from our family tree, and can’t be avoided. (Even alth…
    in Vericose Veins Comment by pmcgrath608
  • East Texas, (where ALL food is overcooked ;-)), about an hour East of Dallas. (10:00AM Central Time)