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  • oh supplies - I live in thailand, which means fresh produce all year around. On the down side, no organic health food shops with supplements, (infact i choose organic where i can, but the stores spray the produce with some spray to sell the fruits …
  • We had a christmas party before christmas- so my splurge included a glass of sangeria (no booze for 3 months prior), a little bit of bacon wrapped around a prune, cheese, sourcream dip, whisky date mix (whiskey dates and cream cheese (didn’t eat the…
  • detox – OMG. I had no real detox symptoms at first. I skipped headaches and tiredness. But now 7 months in I am having a few fascinating things happening – arm pit rashes exactly where that old antiperpirent used to go and spots in my lower armpit r…
    in Detox ? Comment by rawprincess
  • Hi, Check out Sergei Boutenko who ‘was’ a diabetic and got very annoyed with pricking his thumb and getting a normal reading! Yes Raw for 30 days on you tube and tree of life are all very exciting. Sergei links are at – www.rawfamily.com (and check…
  • oh ah, I just saw this thread and did yoga 2 hours ago. I’ve been using a ‘crystal’until 2 weeks ago until I went on holiday. I have totally forgotten I haven’t used anything for 2 weeks and I really don’t smell – after 2a day in bangkok and 2 hours…
    in Deodorant Comment by rawprincess