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  • Welcome, fellow Bostonian!
  • Heck, raw sauce even has more of a bite to it!
    in Hi, everyone! Comment by Promnesiac
  • Is the idea of “warm” food in traditional Chinese medicine wholly related to the temperature of the food, or more to the character? Intuitively you’d think that spices and chilies would be “warmer” foods, whether or not you cook them. Any Chinese me…
  • Well, if I eat n pounds of nuts a day I’ll be fat too. So the why is probably that she happens to eat a large amount of high-fat foods. Which is not to say that she’s unhealthy; size is not an absolute indicator of health. It’s possible to be heavy …
  • I totally agree with the Valentine’s Day thing. If you love someone you shouldn’t need a corporate sponsor to tell them so. Your idea is absolutely right; that kind of appreciation and affection should be spontaneous and happen a hell of a lot more …
  • I’m waiting patiently for it to open. hungry
  • It IS fun, rawveganlove. I have one that I don’t use nearly enough, but every time I do I really enjoy that tactile process of working with the food. Get one!
  • curses! ah well, i’ll think on them fondly. soybeans, i hardly knew ye. thank you for the warning, mango woman! i guess they go on the list with kidney beans and other toxic meanies.
    in Edamame Comment by Promnesiac
  • Does anyone know if one can sprout soybeans? I think that edamame is about the only thing I really miss.
    in Edamame Comment by Promnesiac
  • Boston, MA
  • I live in Boston and am finding very few resources here. Though I’m moving to New York in a few months I’m still frustrated at sort of “alone” feeling I’m getting here.