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  • CAN YOU DIRECT ME ??? ON EATING CLEAN? IS THERE A SECTION/ BOOK OR SOMETHING TO READ to learn about how to eat clean? ( the principals of it) seems it agrees with me better to eat whole food and this may be what I have to do ( get on a good dietary…
  • I’m with you about winter ! Since I live in Texas the winter is sometimes not too bad, often no snow and often does not even freeze, but this last week it went below freezing and I was wondering how people who live in cold climates can take it. I w…
  • what is the warrentee for the blend tec? I dont think any warrentees are going to be as good as vitamix. A savings of 50 dollars isn't that much over the life of the machine if the warrentees are not the same ( vitamix is 7 years) I don't find the …
  • can you please post some of your favorite green smoothie recipes for us new folks? ;) thanks what about books… which ones helped you start out, easy to follow and most helpful?
  • count me in, count me in !!!!! I will follow this thread to see what to do, so I follow it exactly right. Only I am not drinking salt water or doing enemas just yet.. lol ;) and I will be a day or two behind you but I’m right there in this with ev…
  • I’m with Raven ^ ( above).. great book. I looked at several including carol alts… nothing compares to raw food real world. It’s a winner ! Best of all is, they have 1,000 recipes and use a vitamix for many of them !
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  • I started with a magic bullet. The hummus was so good, had to get a bigger machine, so got a vitamix. I can’t imagine using anything else. On LOW SPEED, you can grind things and on high pulverize them so they mix with not so tasty foods ( cabbage) w…
  • what a great thread so many ideas and recipes. I would never have considered some of the things mentioned to make smoothies. mixed greens? well…... I’ll have to try that.
  • deep in the heart of Texas !
  • as I see it the vitamix is one of the best products on the market… guess you will have to weigh the risks vs. the benefits. at one time vitamix made its blender with a stainless steel blender, Its too bad they still don’t. I will keep my vitamix and…