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  • So its been about a week since I started with the oil blend and I was just wondering if it did effect my hair and loss of period.. about how long would it take to see any sort of results? Iam patient, just wondering.. any thoughts?.. Kauaigirl your …
  • I just bought a new product, it is a blend of all organic cold pressed oils from flax, hemp, coconut, green tea, blueberries, raspberries, and a few others. It is rich in all essential fatty acids and alot of other great things! I started taking alm…
  • I think there is a direct correlation between my hair thinning, loss of my period, and the amount of emotional stress I have been under. This being said, I am confused if this is something I can correct through nutrition or if I have to reduce the s…
  • wow looks like I have some shopping to do! I was just wondering what exactly is MSM? And could anyone share their experiences with take it? Thanks again queenfluff!
  • Thank you all so much for your response. I have started to include flax, avacados, seeds, nuts, and coconut butter into my diet a few months ago but maybe not enough? My GYN says its my brain telling my body that right now is not a good time to have…
  • Hi Kendra! Iam a student at UNH and know a few raw people around here. A friendly and lovely raw couple that live 15 minutes from portsmouth have a raw potluck once a month that you are more then welcome to attend! They make tons of raw treats and h…
  • I used to be sooo cold alll the time no matter what. I decided to increased my fat intake for other health reasons by eating coconut butter and tahini which greatly helped warm me up! Fat is a great insulator, its like your natural body blanket that…
  • Do you have to peel the butternut 1st or just include the skin?
  • Sometimes I can fall asleep right away and other times it takes a while but I always wake up throughout the night periodically or really early. When I first wake up I feel great but it only lasts a little while then the rest of the day I feel sluggi…
  • Thank you so much for your reply. Do you think I should continue to try maca? I am just concerned about my bone health and the fact that since I am not having a period, there is an increased chance of getting ovarian cancer. I really don’t want to g…
  • Hiii all Iam 21 and from Long Island NY, anyone near there?