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  • ahh I had no idea about Tom's... totally going for kiss my face now! Thanks for the info iliveyourdream!! :D I feel like you've been raw for a while butterfly.. I mean I feel like I've seen you on here for a while... I wonder what's going on. Any d…
    in I Stink. Comment by BrunetteKet
  • I love celery juice, however, this is a good recipe that hides it! 1 cucumber 1 bunch cilantro 3 celery stalks juice of 1 lemon This juice is so tasty & purifying! www.myreallyrawlife.blospot.com
  • We will need it!! Luckily if he says he will do something he will give it his all! :)
  • Ignoring them is sometimes what you have to do, however, many of my family says that is nice to know that someone cares so much!! I didn't give up on my grandfather and guess what... easter sunday he is going low fat raw vegan for 3 months and if he…
  • Hey I am in the exact same boat, but opposite kind of. My boyfriends parents are like ahhh why are you so weird lol (hes vegan now too thanks to me) & my family just doesn't get the whole raw thing. I mean they try and accept, but still I'm the …
  • Here is a link to a discussion on 30bananasaday.com .. it talks more about b12 issues and what not for those that are interested. Find what works best for you :D http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/the-final-word-on-b12-end-all?xg_source=activ…
  • don't need it. check out durianriders youtube video on his bloodwork he got done... http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=durianriders  
  • I love blueberries too. SAM's had organic blueberries 24 oz for $6.95.. I bought 6. Thanks 144 oz. I think I might be a blueberry hoarder hehe
  • Dates. LOVE THEM!! just like candy. You can read up on facts about dates at my blog... here's the link! http://myreallyrawlife.blogspot.com/search/label/Dates I could literally eat 100 dates at once... they taste like "candy" to me :D
  • yah that'a a good idea.. keep a diary (everytime I write that I think did I spell that right or did I type dairy lol) of all the food you consume, energy levels before and after the food, sleep patters, and if you do exercise that too. Maybe then yo…
    in Lack of energy Comment by BrunetteKet
  • Hey. This can be really frustrating. I went through it too back in 2007. I kept thinking, "UGH WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?" I believe that I was going through a much more intense detox rather than just a light headache here and there.. like my body was t…
    in Lack of energy Comment by BrunetteKet
  • hey thanks girl! anytime :D my username/name on 30 ban a day is ketrin so if you join it add me as a friend on there!!
  • 10% of your total calories should come from protein .. so 47 kilos is what? ehhh ... 103 lbs? it depends on how many calories you consume actually.. I weight 120 so for me usually I eat over 2000 like 2400 I do 80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat (at le…
  • Hey girl!! welcome!
  • Yeh.. I would wait it out a bit more and see where raw takes you... if you are still keen on moving though... may I just suggest Austin Texas :D Raw vegan friendly!! Tons of sunshine!! Plenty of outdoor activities (town lake, barton springs, hiking…
  • yeah superfood2 I thought so... tons of people do at 30bananasaday.com :) just checking bc I've read his book about 14 times in the past week it seems like haha. have a great day!! :D
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • In the book 80/10/10 by dr. douglas graham it is said you can eat overt fats. For example, on his menu plans he suggest using tahini dressing on some salads and that you can eat avocados if you are working out super hard or are more athletic. Where …
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • oh and on 30 ban a day my name is Ketrin on there so add me!! in my profile pic on it I am wearing the same shirt as this one^ but it's a diff pic!
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • Let us all know when you have another video up!! :) I know I will be waiting!!
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • hey jackrabbit!! i just watched your youtube videos! WOW!!! thats all I have to say.. You are so amazing! Do you have a blog that I could follow or anything else? You are very inspiring. Also are you a member of 30bananasaday? You should join that s…
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • 30ban a day isn't a blog it is a site like this one.. but based on 80/10/10 not just raw veganism. I hope it helps!! It has sure helped me a TON!
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • www.30bananasaday.com I am doing 80/10/10 ... sometimes on special occasions I will have more than 10% fat/protein depending on what I eat. Heres my blog www.myreallyrawlife.blogspot.com
    in 801010 plunge Comment by BrunetteKet
  • Hey I want a Norwalk Juicer as well!! Pure food and wine in NYC (and their takeaways) use Norwalks. I am going to save up my money and get one--in like 10 years :D I'll check out the site!! Have a great weekend!
  • I just copied and added a few things to my post from what I got off of www.30bananasaday.com which is a low fat raw vegan zing site that I am a member of... It was from an article that someone placed on there. & Okay, yes, I get there are buzzar…
  • www.wheatgrassman.com it has everything you need to know about growing your wheatgrass!! Let me know how it goes, I've been wanting to start too :D
  • You do not need protein to build muscle or to be a body builder... if that was the case people wouldn't be in gym they would be eating protein all day long in the kitchen. 5-6% protein and hard training will still give you the exact results. No diet…
  • www.foodnsport.com this talks about low fat raw vegan athletes and how they only get about 8% protein a day! you don't need to get your protein from anywhere other than fruit and veggies with some overt fats here and there, but not necessarily. only…
  • I think that tamari is a healthier option than nama shoyu, but it is still loaded with sodium so use sparingly.. I am not sure about it being raw. I haven't done that much research on it.
  • I recently stopped all sweetners like agave and switched to dates. To make a date syrvup I just blend 5-6 dates with 1/4 cup water and there ya go. It's so good drizzled over berries or bananas!! Another thing that isn't raw is nama shoyu which a lo…