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  • Hmmm im real sensitive to fungus and such so id say 10 hours at room temp is beyond no-no. Cooked food quadruples its bacteria count in just a few hours and id say any raw food that been processed (blended or handled in any way but washing) isnt muc…
  • Sorry no reccs on processors or juicers but i love my 15 year old American Harvest Snackmaster dehydrator. The version they have now is basically the same (all the parts fits both models) except that the controls appear to be on top and i think its …
  • Thank you for all the replies everyone! I will be sure to check out the link you have been kind enough to enclude :). Freewitheft - I was but not at first. I was a hysterectomy child so i couldnt be breastfeed till the drugs were out my my mothers s…
  • Freewitheft - Wow i feel for you. Ive been limiting soy and corn for a while but last year i had to drop soy entierly (i can only tolerate very miniscule amounts like lecthin or a dashof tamari on my veggie roll) and with all my respritory problems …
  • Well some like eggs and beef i obviously havent tried raw (nothing wrong with it if you do but its not for me) andthe rest yes raw or cooked they make me highly ill.
  • Well i havent tried chia yet myself but if its a whole seed powder then it should be fine. A powdered seed means more exposed mucilage content so it should gel up faster then whole. Though taken with a grain of salt i hope that helps some :)
  • Hmmm how currious ive never heard of cooked carrot juice. If by cooked do you mean pasturized? Im a bit confused. I generally just juice my own when i want it so i guess ive never thought about it.
    in raw carrot juice Comment by Fillie
  • Sorry dont have any that ive tried yet but im currious as well. I was thinking of making somethign with a bananna/date base and some sunflowerseeds, raisins, shredded zucchini/carrot/apple, and some spirulina powder. Hehehe can you tell i have a swe…
  • We think alike :) i was hoping to find recipes for the exat same thing. I think for mine im just going to do some carrots/red bell pepper/peas/onion/garlic and maybe some corn then just put one of my vegan gluten free bullion cubes in with it that w…
  • I hardly every use shampoo. I keep a bottle around perchance i get myself into anything really yucky or i strt having buildup or oil problems. I do water only for a week or two at a time then my ends gte dry and i do a conditioner only wash or a dee…
  • I agree with KT id dehydrate them first then put them in a large capacity coffee grinder or blender/processer. I got a 1 cup capacity grinder at target for 25 dollors who's espresso setting makes great flours :). Hope it turns out well
  • I dont know if what i have is eczema, psoriais, or some other auto immune related rash but i though is chime in and say that dead sea saltcertainly does help but to cut cost i find the best solution is to buy some MSM powder (i got mine from swanson…
    in eczema! Comment by Fillie
  • Wish i could be of help but i prefer the cheap stacked self draining trays. Ive never had a mold issue and for 10 doloors its alot easier to clean than bags or jars at least to me. My friend who sprouts much prefers jars though so its just a matter …
    in How to sprout? Comment by Fillie
  • i would say dehydrating plain avo would not be too good. They are about 97% fat if i remember correctly so there isnt much moisture to take away which in theory would leave you with a mushy but thick butter. I think the idea for coated ones sounds n…
    in dehydrated avocado? Comment by Fillie
  • A net pal shared this one with me. I have yet to try it but it sound slike a yummy topping or snack :). Wash and quarter the brussels then toss in EVOO, fine chopped garlic and some sea salt. Then just dehydrate till crispy.