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  • I love fresh sweet corn raw. Try it in a salad..it adds great texture and flavor. Asparagus.. not so much.
  • I have been so proud of my Country, and the people in my Country, so many times. People die trying to get to the freedoms that we have. On another note, this is just sick, and don’t look at it if you cannot stomach it. Muslims in Turkey, sacrificing…
    in OBAMA WON!!!!! Comment by Rebecca5793
  • I was not raw when I was nursing my 2 babies, but I nursed on demand until they weaned themselves at about 2 years each. My son, who had NO interest in solid foods until a full year old, did nothing but thrive. As long as your baby continues to thri…
  • I have to give a shout out to Zoes Spring Onion Cheese!! I am somewhat new to vegan and raw (4 months), and had a weekend getaway with family. I took along my juicer, food processor, and tons of veggies. Among other things, I made the Spring onion c…
  • I just bought a jar of coconut oil, and find it way too oily to use on my face as a daily moisturizer. My face just looks greasy with it on. I love it for a body moisturizer though. Can anybody suggest a good facial moisturizer? I find that my skin …
    in Coconut Oil Comment by Rebecca5793
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ticytEUvVhQ Dr. Ron Paul telling it like it is. I love him.
  • I lurk almost everyday, but never heard of this “oil pulling” thing until now. I thought it sounded crazy, but did some searches on it, and darned if I’m not willing to try it. So I tried it first thing this morning with walnut oil. I had no sesame …
  • Greenhost, I am not a Republican, btw. The political extremists, and hacks on BOTH sides rub me the wrong way. Rhandi Rhodes, Ann Coulter, Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, etc etc etc. Not an honest one among them. They are hateful, mirror images of each …
  • Joyce, I am interested in what books Palin has tried to have banned? I always fact check claims from both sides whenever crazy hysterical mass emails come through to me. I check at www.snopes.com and www.politifact.com Politifact says that whole boo…
  • Wow.. using the Huffington Post, or DailyKos as reliable sources is akin to quoting from Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. No thank you to both extremist propaganda sides. This from Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin: http://www.salon.com/opinion/paglia/2008…
  • Thank you for the welcomes! Clarityjade, I am from Southeastern PA. Lancaster County. We have several health food stores within just a few miles of me, so the shopping is very easy.