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  • I found all negative comments from people a lot easier to deal with once I decided in my own mind that my diet is the normal one. Well it is for me! I'm quite happy to accomodate visitors with their unusual diets that include things like pizza, burg…
  • Hello and welcome. :)
    in New member here ! Comment by HDH74
  • As a raw food newbie, who has just started on my green powders, I am so glad to have read this just before discovering my poo was green, otherwise I would have been wondering what the heck was going on lol.
  • A few bits and pieces here: http://www.beyondveg.com/cat/links-out/raw-research.shtml http://rawfoodlifestyles.com/raw-food-diet/raw-food-facts-research-evidences-and-clinical-papers http://www.beyondveg.com/tu-j-l/raw-cooked/raw-cooked-1a.shtml htt…
  • Hii there. Nice to meet you. Just learning and transitioning myself so this is all still very new to me.
    in Hello all :-) Comment by HDH74
  • Yup definatley a really good knife. Having only recently started transitioning to raw I'm wondering if I might develop chopper's elbow lol. :)
  • Well I'm still trying to get to grips with this though some of it is starting to make sense. It seems to me that organic seeds, bought from a sprouting or gardening company, ie sold to grow therefore raw, should be a better bet than nuts, though I h…
  • Thanks, I have been reading about goitrogens but didn't know they were in flaxseeds. Think I'll get some seaweed too.
  • Doh! Set up dehydrator and found thermostat knob seemed faulty. Checked it with a thermometer and it was running too hot and I broke my thermometer. Have to send it back and wait 2-3 weeks for replacement. Also got distracted and forgot I had some h…
    in Raw food newbie. Comment by HDH74
  • One month in. Still transitioning. Still learning. Found a few recipes I loved, still need to try lots more. Sprouting is a doddle, and I love all the bean and seed sprouts. Lost 10 pounds yay :) Still struggling to get off bread and usually having …
    in Raw food newbie. Comment by HDH74
  • Good advice Yogini. My hubby has gone from totally adament that he wouldn't 'touch the stuff' to stealing my fruit smoothies every time my back is turned. He calls my green smoothies pond scum, but I caught him sniffing one the other day. He enquire…
  • I lost 10lbs in my first month transitioning. Then the following 2 weeks, when I was actually taking things a bit further down the raw road my weight stayed the same. Not what I was expecting but just decided to carry on for the health benefits, the…
    in No weight loss? Comment by HDH74
  • I love soapnuts, and luckily in the UK they are very cheap. I also use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and/or white vinegar for extra cleaning boost. Plus I add some essential oil to the vinegar if I want a nice smell. Bicarboate of soda reacts wi…