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  • often times people mistake thirst for hunger so try a little more water a day
  • regarding taking a girl to the mens room, if its a locker room absolutely not but a simple bathroom theres nothing wrong there in today's world fathers cant be to safe
  • you can do this quiet easy with no meat actually. the big thing you need in your diet is raw almonds. its as simple as that im 20 i noticed i was getting sluggish in this area as well a friend of mine suggested almonds and it works quite well. so ha…
  • i have a new arctic fox (white rat) i think its the right term but i love the thing
  • how do i do an mc?
  • a few years ago i was a compulsive over eater bulimic the main reason i stop is i got save and God delivered me i do know a lot of people who say the raw diet has gotting them away from the urges though
  • just keep him diapered and beautiful for life and both will be happy and well to eat
  • often times these feelings are more spiritual then anything. try getting into the bible a bit and doing some prayer. God is always there and waiting so make the first move.