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  • Yesterday eve I had my green juice and a big salad of spinich, lettace, toms, onion, pumpkin seeds with a dressing made from sunflower seeds galric, lemon juice etc. Today I wasn't so hungry in the morning so just had water, then at around 10.30am I…
  • day 3 for me. Update on yesterday. I didn't manage to have my green juice in the evening as it was to much of a rush after work. However, I made the kelp noodles and took them up to my Mum's for the family dinner. My husband and I were in charge of …
  • This is my 2nd day as I started late. Last night after work I had a super green juice, kale, spinich, celery, broc and lime. I also had a raw sandwich with beetroot and carrot bread and in it I put, tom's cuc and a spread I made from corrinder and c…
  • I am starting today, a bit late but the weekend was a bit of a wash out. Had a melon, spinish and sprilina smoothy this am, an apple and just had my lunch juice. I will have another juice tonight. K
  • I love onion and garlic, I have one or the other everyday.
  • Vitamix all the way. i got mine this year after using a much cheaper blender. The vitamix gets used everyday up to 5 or 6 times. it really is a fantastic bit of kit and i would say i use it much more than my dehydrator. it really is worth the money …
  • I make a lovley pie the base walnuts, dates and cacao powder, the filling is almond nut butter blanded with some cahews, cocnut oil melted and agave, it is fairly runny. then the topping in avo's blended with cocao butter melted, cocao powder, agave…
    in Peanut Butter Pie? Comment by Kazzie
  • Oh dear no if you are new to juicing then you really need to start off with much different juice to that one. I have been a massive fan of juicing for years and still can only juice garlic once in a while with only 1 clove and NOT with onion. Apple …
  • Hey there I don't have to use deoderant. I use a brand called Naked for shampoo and conditioner and hand soap. This is a UK brand and is 97% natural and not tested on animals. I use olive oil soap on my face and I use Your right to be beautiful face…
  • Maca humm, the benefits of it are great and I have got a friend who is going through the menopause and she say's that it really helps her. I must admit that I think it tastes awful! I used to take it in a shot of water or nut milk in the mornings as…
  • Started the day with hot water, then a green smoothie of melon, spinich and sprilina. 3 apples, then a juice of 2 apples, 4 carrots, broc, half a lemon, half a cuc and some ginger, had a snack of grapes. Tonight will have another juice with beets, c…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by Kazzie
  • Yesterday I had Banana Big salad with lots of leaves, olive oil, olives, toms, cuc, celery with some flax crackers. Dinner was amazing I made a sunflower type bread and had that with avo, tom, cuc and dehydrated mushrooms with a garlic cashew mayo a…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by Kazzie
  • I work as a finance officer at a charity for people with alcohol problems am also studying my AAT's,help my husband in his business and work behind a bar for extra cash. Try to fit in at least an hour keep fit per day. It's all about balance.
  • I have an odd salt taste in my mouth most of the time latley. Anyone got any ideas why that is?? I don't use salt and mainly juice.
    in Strange thirst Comment by Kazzie
  • Hey there Mine also puts out a little heat into the room. I love to give it a hug when its really cold lol!!!
    in Q about dehydrators Comment by Kazzie
  • I like reading these they make me laugh so much. Some friends and I went to a place to eat, ordered salad when it came we chatted as we chomped away,until we saw a very lively worm having,what seemed like, a bit of a dance on our friends plate. The …
  • I get mine from www.rawmagic.co.uk They are a bit pricey but it is the only place in the UK I have been able to get them from. I make the gel up and them put it in my morning and lunch green juice. Yummie. I have also made some chocs with it in. Not…
    in Chia seeds Comment by Kazzie
  • I do the same as bitt, I have a container with a lid that I pop back into the fridge and then take out when needed. A couple of times a week usually. I juice daily.
    in Composting Comment by Kazzie
  • I have a composter and it is full of big fat slugs that love my pulp. The compost I get in the summer is wonderful.
    in Carrot Pulp! Comment by Kazzie
  • yes they do hum which is the fan running. It sounds like yours is broken. I would phone your supplier right away. The fan should run all the time. Best of luck.
  • I am married to one as well. He is totally supportive of me and I don't love him any less for what he eats. I try to get as much raw in him as possible. He is into health and likes hemp protein shakes to help with body building. I am going to ask hi…
  • I love my green star. Expensive but worth every penny.
    in Best Juicer? Comment by Kazzie
  • Hi there I found that not setting my goals to high helped me. If I wanted somthing cooked I had it until I was able to not want it any more. You don't need to carry guilt around with you if you decided to have somthing cooked. I started by juicing, …
    in A little lost. Comment by Kazzie
  • I have really raw agave and it is totally different in taste to the ones that are more readily available. I don't use it often just if I am making a pudding as when I use raw honey this seems to voerpower the flavour. I think that if people are usin…
  • Hi there Amberablue Thank you for all the information. I will try the herbs and see how I get on with them. My skin is getting better I have started doing face burshing and that seems to be helping. The main problem I have is dry patches that then b…
    in The Pill Comment by Kazzie
  • there is a raw place in Vegas, i didn't find it when I went cause my family wouldn't come. I did manage to stick to salads in most places and was surprised by the choice.
    in Las Vegas Comment by Kazzie
  • Most fav is the greenstar juicer, I get so much more juice from it than any other I have used and the pulp is so dry. Well worth spending the extra cash.
  • I bring juice to work and most people have gotten used to me now, they sit and eat there chocs and biscuits and most of them look ill and moan about their weight!!! My family went totally mad at me, sat me down for a good talking to about how I woul…
    in Work reactions Comment by Kazzie
  • 34 and a half.
    in How old are you? Comment by Kazzie
  • Thought I would add to this post rather than start a new one. I have started taking MSM this week and I must say I feel amazing. I mix it into my green smoothy in the morning and into my juice in the evening. Last night about half an hour after drin…
    in MSM? Comment by Kazzie