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  • I don't use Chick Peas at all for hummus. I soak sun flower seeds for a few hours and then use about two cups of zucchini to fill it all out + 3 cloaves of garlic, sea salt, ground cummin, curry powde, olive oil, some lemon and sesame seeds. Every t…
  • By the way there are water based adhesivs avalible that work like contact cement. In my expireance they take forever and are kind of a pain in the but to work with though. You might want to look at a glue down parkay style floor that would work on c…
  • Hi, Another option is to have the condrete slab its self simply polished and either acid washed for colour or stained with a dye and sealed. Then you could use smaller rugs as acents. I've seen this done with great success a number of times. Cork is…
  • Hi Rawfreakfr, Winter is the best time to go camping. There are no bugs, things stay clean and the bears are all asleep. I camp dureing the winter time both in Ontario and in the mountains of BC, though I haven't since going raw this winter, all the…
  • Hi HepKittenBettie, I'm new to this site as well, there is lots of great info and some relly tasty looking recipes posted here. So far though folks have been slow to say hello. Oh well all in good time I supose. What is your regular diet like right …
  • #1 Banana's no Avocados no Bananas #2 Strong black coffee #3 Avocados, spinage, mangos, papaya, and sun flower seeds
  • Hi Folks, I'm Elizabeth, Betty the Whip is my roller derby track name :) I'm up here in snowy and cold Ottawa, Canada. I found Gone Raw while sniffing around the web for yummy recipes and must say that I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. I've …