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  • hmmm thanks for that website Swayze, its very helpful looks like I got 25% of calcium with about 16 dates
  • hmm i had aboout 400 grams of dates in one sitting with romaine lettuce wrapped with them, also a bowl of grapes for breakfast. How much dates is too much . I buy organic bard valley dates. thanks Swayze:)
  • Thanks Swayze Im eating dates, romaine letuce, celery, and herbs. You think those foods are good for calcium?
  • is it possible to make raw mock meatballs without using dehydrater? I dont have one:/
  • I used red cocktail tomtoes, what i do is I take out the seeds of the tomatoes and blend it with the red bell pepper, and basil. mabey I should try it with the roma tomatoes, i dont use any fats in the sauce like avocadoes, or even sundried tomatoes…
  • thanks so much, I thought it was the tomatoes, mabey i should just add like 4 small cherry tomatoes and one whole red pepper. Coud it also be the red bell pepper?
  • Dont worry, things will work out, Its true that the raw diet does help eating disorders, Raw food makes people very healthy, And the thing is you can eat as much of raw fruit and veggies you want and still lose all the weight. Take it slowely, Enjoy…
  • Hi! could you be deficient in any vitamins, such b12? Were you gaining weight by eating a high fat diet, low fat diet? Were you eating cooked foods? What foods were you eating that made you put on weight?
  • Thanks! Im really happy today, I had 6 bananas for breakfast, and water, later on i might have a few apples:D I bought flax seeds awhile back, I never hardly used them, I remember grinding it and sprinkling it on a salad. What else can I do with the…
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Thank You:) I dont know if this is another sighn of detox, but ive been eating alot of clemintines , My eyes are a bit red. I also been eating alot of bananas too. I try to drink alot of water . I am on a very low fat diet, mainly eating fruit. some…
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Thanks, Im trying as much possible to eat 100% raw, as for the days I do eat 100% raw, I do feel lighter, Its because there isnt much fruit available at the store, they dont look very good. Ive been buying bananas,oranges and apples. Tomorow Im goin…
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Thanks Powerlifer:) Yes I need a more of a variation, Im so used to eating more of one thing like yesterday I ate a pound of brussel sprouts, thats all for dinner and then i drank water for the rest of the night , I didnt feel like eating any fruit …
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Thanks! mabey I should go do a blood test, to see if im deficient in anything. Today from work I boiled some brussel sprouts, are they good for you? mabey later ill have some tangerines.:)
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • eating dried dates make me drink aton of water i hate it, worse than eating cooked quinoa:/
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Or mabey I should stick to being 100% raw, by eating more dates, The taste of dates staisfy me, but arent they bad for teeth?
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Quinoa wouldnt be good? or lima beans?
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • The thing is i crave for the healthy food, not the bad food, and I think its bad .I crave for startchy foods, what is there to eat for stratchy low fat food?
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • by the way i did not go to the bathroom today for #2 . Ive been eating raw for awhile, I thought it would make me go everyday, I did not eat cooked at all.
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • im going to work soon and im not going to eat all day until i come home, like at 6pm. I can eat 2 large meals in a day thats all. I dont feel hungry at work.
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Thanks , I seem to do really well on cooked quinoa, but i tried cooked frozen peas and it constipated me, I wonder why? Last time I did try just eating dates like 7 at a time, but then I felt a bit dizzy, I had 4 bananas this morning and like 7 clem…
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Ide like to eat dried dates with clemintes or bananas, but dont you think ill gain weight by all that sugar? will eating dried dates cause any stomach upset?
    in NOT FEELING WELL Comment by sweet
  • Sure!Thank you so much for your help:) I feel better talking about it .
  • Ok thanks, Im a cashier and stand up most fo the time, do you burn calories by standing up all day at work, my job can be stressfull, I think I also eat because of stress. I remember when I was younger mabey 12 I would eat a whole box of cookies or …
  • I always had some sort of an eating disorder, I consume more of only one thing, But the healthy food. I remember I used to eat alot of white rice, I never gained, Is brown rice better than quinoa in your opinion? I think I have an emotional eating d…
  • The thing with me is that I dont like having much veriety in my diet , i feel better consuming 1 to 3 different foods a day. I think you would gain if youd eat chocolate all day with 2500 calories ,than eating 2500 calories of only quinoa and fruit,…
  • Oh and is quinoa better to eat than bananas? which will promote weight gain banans or quinoa? Because I dont want to gain any weight I just want to maintain.
  • So then its possible to become fat eating three bowls of quinoa a day, including some fruit? Is it bad to eat 2500 calories a day?
  • I love quinoa though, You mean I can become obese eating quinoa everyday? Can someone become obese eating healthy food, even if its not processed junk. For example eating only apples and quinoa everyday. LOL Just curious?
  • I eat alot of fruit a day, but sometimes I dont want anything sweet anymore, Is cooked quinoa ok to eat?
  • Anyone know?
    in Raw corn Comment by sweet