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  • How come your friend fell off the wagon? I've only been a raw vegan for 4 days and I feel amazing, I get the majority of my calories from fruits mainly bananas and I love them. :) Definitely check out the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Douglas N. Graham.This …
    in Hello from Canada Comment by Munchies
  • Just buy a big teddy bear and don't worry if it doesn't have any fragrance. You'll have an easier time just picking up some natural lavender, cutting open the back of the teddy bear, taking out some fluff and sewing on a pocket on the inside to cont…
  • They're Trader Joe's brand? Do you think you could send me a link of where I can by them? Or next time when I go to Trader Joes (which is a while away) I'll pick some up. :) Thanks!
  • Thanks for the input PowerLifer and Aimee. @ Aimee I'm sorry you had to go through all of that, I'm only 17 but I couldn't imagine struggling with that for 40 years. The Cantharis was to help your mood, correct? I checked out the Uva Ursi and the te…
  • I'll have access to dandelion when the warm weather comes back. Until then I'll have to wait. Thank you for all your help PowerLifer :) !
  • Thanks again PowerLifer! What interesting information. I've written that herb down in case I have a few extra dollars lying around to buy it :) For now I'll see if we have any bitter herbs lying around the house. Would cranberries work or grapefruit…
  • Thanks for the input PowerLifer :) What bitter herbs do you suggest and how many should I take to see a difference?
  • Thank you for your support Superfoodz!! :) I'm glad your acne has cleared up! That's probably the best way to go about it is to slowly start being raw. My parents are the ones who buy the food for me, and since it's fall/winter around here, the farm…
  • Unfortunately I've got eczema again now that the cold weather has come creeping along bringing its dryness with it. A lot of it is probably the hot and long showers I take. When I was little I used to have eczema on my arms, the place where your arm…
    in childhood eczema Comment by Munchies
  • Wow that looks so good. I'm jealous :)