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  • And please, leave any comments or questions you may have! Especially if you are curious about the fruity life!
  • I say if you feel fine eating the fruit after something else, then go for it! If you do have issues with fruit after other foods though, then I would suggest following the rules of food combining, because they really do help. I do think that the fru…
  • Hey! Way to go, getting into raw foods. The body is an amazing thing, capable of healing itself. If there was damage done to your body by past dietary choices, eating raw foods will help your body to tap into its own healing powers. Organic is alway…
  • You may want to consider a check out for diabetes? Just to rule out anything that may be going wrong with your kidneys. If you are interested, I am a nutritional counselor. Check me out at www.holistichealthhelper.yolasite.com.
  • Hey, thanks! I think I could ship! I can make anything you want! Cookies, cakes, dips, crackers, breads, ect!
  • Hello again everyone! I have published my web site! I would love to hear from all of you! www.holistichealthhelper.yolasite.com Nutrition counceling Yoga classes raw foods food tips and tricks!
  • I am currently constructing a web site, but you can find me on Facebook! I am in the groups section under Holistic Health Helper
  • Please please please come read and tell me what you think! New post up and running! Thanks!
  • Any feed back would be very very much appreceated! I got a camera now! There are photos!! www.thefruitariancook.blogspot.com Thank you!@
  • Hello fellow uncooks! I would love for you to read my new blog! I have added another post! Hope to hear from you! Thanks all! www.thefruitariancook.blogspot.com
  • THank you Liger99! It has been a long process, that is for sure!
  • Thank you Deadly steve! The59sound, are you on 30 bananas a day? What do you want to do insted?
  • Absolutly try for 80/10/10! It is wonderful and amazing. Just make sure that you eat enough, that makes cravings disapear. Really, if you are totaly full with fruit, you will not want anything else. Check out 30 bananas a day, it is an exellent sour…
  • I agree with eecho, prayer and meditation really do help. Also, journaling about what you are feeling and what is bothing/stressing you. Talking about what has happened can help to. If you deal with the emotions, the emotional eating will become som…
  • I really think that the best thing that you can do is to listen to your own body. You will know what feels right. I have tried all the different approches, and I have found that 80-10-10 works best for me, but I was a big fruit eater even before raw…
  • Maybe we can all move some of these disscutions to my new web site, which is focused on eating disorder recovery. It might be better than posting so much on this site, which is supposed to be about raw foods. My site is www.edtakedown.ning.com. I cr…
  • Vegan kid- Just remember, you are supported here, ok? Thank you for your well thought out post, and for your video and wanting to share with us your struggle and triumph! I think you are fabulous! Luxdivon-I do agree with you on the whole cooked SAD…
  • Hello! I can see what you are thinking, I just think that having a place to be open and honest with stuggles what we struggle with is important. E.D's are a hard thing, as I know you know. I think your support and encouragment for healthy eating wou…
  • I read your blog! I am with you too!
  • So cool! I blend a banana with a little water, stevia, vanilla and a pinch of salt and pour over blueberries and strawberries. I lovelovelove this.
  • Happy B-day AVL! I really hope it was so so great!
  • I drink one every day, and fresh lemon juice, and even the zest always cuts right through any bitterness! I also like to add stevia. Then it just tastes like sweet, fresh and zinggy lemon!
  • If you really feel that you want to do raw, then I say do it, but VERY CLOSELY monitor how it is affecting your behavior/thoughts/feelings. If it casues a flare up of any kind, or distracts you from emotional psychological recovery, then stop. But i…
  • Hello love! I am so glad that you decided to post here, support from many areas in your life is going to be infinatly valuble to you on this recovery journy. I have struggled with anorexia since I was about your age, and I have been in recovery for …
  • Hey everyone! I have noticed a really rapid decline in people posting here, and I know that there has been a bit of a commotion over all the eating disorder talk on here as of late. I really really believe that talking and opening up and getting sup…
  • Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know, that I have made my own website for the butt kicking of eds! I want everyone to come and join! It is a totaly interactive site, and I want everyone to feel like they have some place to go and talk abo…
  • Hello! I am happy to hear you guys talking again! Liger- I hink the first step is to just forgiving yourself. You have to just accept yourself as you are right now, bingeing and all. The self hatred is only going to make it worse. I really believe t…
  • Hey, is everyone out there doing ok?
  • Hey vegan kid! I am glad that you are here wanting to be a support! That is so great! Come to my blog if you want to help out there to ok? www.edtakesdownsupport.blogspot.com. Zinfendel- I totaly agree with you. It holds us back in every aspect of l…
  • Liger99! You are going to be great! You are so right, we will do this together! Please don't be mad at yourself for last night. Things happen. Just firgive yourself ok? The negativity will only hurt you. Love yourself jsut as you are right now, even…