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  • I did see her. She’s the same woman who has the TV show/doc and book, Crazy Sexy Cancer. She actually didn’t cure her cancer. She has stabilized a rare stage-4 cancer, though. I believe that she’s about 70-80% raw
  • As far as my flu goes, I did have a fever, diarrhea, and vomitting. Any ideas why I’ve had it twice since starting to go raw?
    in flu Comment by sydneystart
  • I had a planter’s wart that I had a dermatologist try to “burn” off using dry ice for almost 1 year! After searching some holistic sites, I found that putting tea tree oil on the wart and covering it with duct tape for a number of days worked!
  • Sorry, don’t have too much to offer. (I’m a newbie and struggling also.) But,the one thing that I did notice is that my hunger level is much lower now that I’m off the BC pill. Hope your post generates some answers for both of us!
  • I have not been raw long enough to give any nutritional info, but I can give you some ideas that may help ease the stress. Meditation helped me more than anything when I was quite low. If you haven’t practiced before there are some great books and C…
  • Thanks much!
  • Thanks,I will.
    in Permanent BC Comment by sydneystart
  • Thanks for the input.You both brought up excellent points that have been lingering in the back of my head. The idea of nickle is the one that really worries me. OK,I think I’ll try something else. Are there any herbal/holistic forms of BC that anyon…
    in Permanent BC Comment by sydneystart
  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll try the henna product before I jump to shaving it off.
    in Hair Question Comment by sydneystart
  • Meditation has solved a lot of similar issues for me. I also find that immersing myself in positive thinking books helps. Thich Nhat Hanh has a number of good ones—Anger:Wisdom for Cooling the Flames, might be of some interest to you. Good luck!
  • Queenfluff—thanks for all the help! You’re quite the expert!
  • Here’s a question regarding applying the henna to no ‘pood hair. The henna I purchased says that it has to be applied to clean hair. Has anyone tried it while no pooing?
  • I’m going on week 3 without ‘pooing! An ultra-fine tooth comb has made all the difference for me. I went to a beauty supply store and found the finest one they had. It really helped to spread the oil down the hair shaft.
  • I’m day one into a water fast and plan on jumping to 100% raw after I’m done. Does anyone mind if I count this as day one?