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  • Hi Amylynn, I’m at about the same stage as you..three weeks into a detox which has progressed to going raw. All that dancing is sure to get things moving :) Taizy
  • hey ..I’m still “no poo”...and slowley degreasing . the salt worked great and I am going to try an vinegar rinse this evening before I go on my flight tommorrow. My hair is really starting to settle – getting some natural waves and curls back – and …
  • thanks again for the encouragement….. Yesterday a whole lemon rinse . Today a sea swim and left in. No itchyness, no dandruff. :)......Still no “poo”....the grease is lessening. The only thing is that my highlights are growing out and my “grey” bits…
  • thanks Queenfluff, Yes I DID overdose on the avocado..went swimming today and stuck my head in and did a massage on my scalp. I had a meeting later and said I have just been swimming (three hours later !)..I’ll just say this to anyone who notices my…
  • hi all here in no poo land, I’m just starting..detoxing and everything and going raw…I have thick hair, shoulder length which goes frizzy with everything I have ever used and I rely on a lot of conditioner. I have always managed to go for long perio…