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  • I have rarely been sick since I started raw vegan and raw juicing. I still sometimes get a mild flu but the symptoms are minimal and the virus passes very quickly. I normally do the following: * I cease the consumption of all solid food. * I drink w…
    in Cold/Flu Season Comment by cuddles
  • I have found juicing to be very beneficial for clearing up skin problems (i.e.) psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot, rashes, blackheads, spots, etc.... My first piece of raw equipment was a decent juice, and I have never looked back. Things like carrot…
    in eczema! Comment by cuddles
  • I am not an atheist. But I seriously dislike organised religion
    in Any Raw Atheists? Comment by cuddles
  • I take the chia seeds to help me stay regular and the seeds re-appear the next morning. So it goes straight through, rather than digesting.
  • Hi superfood2 I normally have 500mls of juice - orange, lemon, carrot - around 6pm. I love this and can't give it up. I find juice is the perfect dinner, as it helps me to sleep well. Sometimes I will have chia seed gel with the juice. I know it doe…
  • How long have you been on a raw diet cuddles = 2.5 years You have no problems with greens = yes I do, if I have too much in green smoothies.
  • Hi keewi No, I don't eat fats within 3 hours before or after I eat the fruit - should I be? I eat fruit on an empty stomach, normally in the morning between 5.00am to 10.00am. And then I have my lunch (mixed salad) around 1.00pm I have done lots …
  • Hi rawfreak4fr I have been being doing raw for 2.5 years and the problem is not getting better. I actually consumed too much fruit (mono and in smoothies) today, and have had sharp pains and loose bowels all afternoon. I even had a little accident w…
  • In the past year, I have only used shampoo & conditioner on one occasion. Otherwise, I just wash my hair with plain water under the shower once a week, or whenever I remember. It does not look any different from when I was washing it twice a wee…