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  • Wax paper does not work well. Things tend to stick to it. I would use parchment paper. Good Luck!
  • L-lysine knocks them out for me
  • I developed nail fungus on my fingernails since becoming raw last Summer. Nothing is helping so far. I’ve been using raw apple cider vinegar, and pau de arco. No relief yet. They hurt! Hope to hear of some natural remedies from others.
  • 44 years young!
    in How old are you? Comment by exfedster
  • Alix1964~ I know you are right about getting rid of the carbs in my house. It’s so hard to take that step. I think about it when I’m away from home. I wish I could call someone at my home to just dump it. Then, I wouldn’t be faced with it when I cam…
  • I’m glad this topic has been started. I struggle with Night Eating Syndrome (NES). I’ve had this problem for at least 3 years. It started during a rough time in my life, and even though things are a little better, I’m still doing it. There is not a …
  • Thanks Morning theft! I have considered a colonic. Might give my GI doc a call.
  • I live in Dallas too, and it is very expensive to live here. Each Wednesday I check the stores I go to for their weekly specials. I frequent Sprout’s Farmers Market Grocery Store (Forest & Marsh). They run some pretty good deals weekly. If you s…
  • .99 each – Hong Kong Market in Dallas
    in young coconuts Comment by exfedster
  • Thanks Renoir! I’m so desperate for something crunchy. I’m trying not to cave in and buy Food for Life’s brown rice tortillas! I used too (still do!) love them! Exfed
  • I’m onboard with all of the above! Sometimes I feel guilty for even looking the posts knowing that I’m not 100%, and I really don’t think I ever will be. One thing I have learned about the raw lifestyle is sprouting, but now I’m concerned since read…
  • Dallas, TX