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  • So are you saying you have to believe to be 100% raw
  • Glad to see a lot of Atheists If your in the San Diego area (Shameless plug coming) why don't you join the Humanist Association of San Diego Tuesday nights at 7 PM @ the Cafe Libertalia in Hillcrest for some Coffee and Conversation
  • And the Devil too!
  • Good to see I'm not alone ;^)
  • ;^)
  • Good luck! I am also coming back to the raw community, mainly for health reasons, perhaps we can cheer each other on.
  • Good luck Shay. I had a very difficult time with the raw food diet while living in Florida. I'm hoping for better success in Southern California, where there are farmers markets every day, and raw food restaurants easy to get to. I wish you success.
  • I also would like to leave this country, mainly because of the health care situation here. However, San Diego, CA is a great place to be raw. Farmers markets every day (in different counties of course), vegan restaurants with raw selections and raw …
  • Not from Canada, but since I recently lost my Health Care, I could use some suggestions on how I could emigrate there? ;^)
  • San Diego California