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  • First off, don’t ever be embarrassed of who you are or what issues you need to talk about! :) Second, I would NOT eat raw garlic or onions. Even if I chop them and make cooked food for my boyfriend, wash my hands right after, I can smell the stuff e…
  • I wouldn’t use nuts and seeds to “substitute” for anything – I”m not sure what that means (?). I would just eat them if you’re hungry and they sound good.
  • That’s awesome, Ungrateful! Keep up the good work. :D Make sure you eat some nutrient-rich foods, such as greens, sprouts, avocados, etc., to keep yourself satiated. I personally would not cut out nuts and seeds altogether; I think they have much nu…
  • I would not take a calcium supplement. HOw is your nutrition intake on fitday? Are you eating some sprouts?
  • Rawkid, there’s protein in everything. You don’t have to give someone something (even children) specifically for protien. If you are eating enough calories and variety, you are getting enough protein. You ever hear of someone who’s eating enough hav…
  • Why don’t you define “complete protein” for us, what you mean, so we can answer the question, considering the original “complete protein” myth is debunked, so we need “now/2008” terms to help you.
  • Make sure you put “sprout” because that should bring up anything with “sprouts” or “sprouted” in the name. At least that’s how it is on Fitday. http://fitday.com/fitness/FoodSearch.html?_a_Da… You can look at the nutritional value of the seed or wha…
  • I ate some cooked when I got sick one time, too. No worries! Hope you feel better.
  • I would stop combining fruit with nuts.
  • I think agave is raw. If you got spinach at the store that might have been washed with warm/hot water, you would have no idea and you would still consider it raw. In the case of agave that is labeled raw (I agree with don’t know about the non-raw la…
  • The people who say agave is not raw, that I’ve read from at least, simply are going by their “gut” and assuming that the 116 or 118 is a lie. I’ll believe a company’s label UNLESS and UNTIL proven otherwise. I’d ask the naysayers to prove that agave…
  • I got two really warm coats from Lands End last year that were well-lined and vegan. You can call them if need be with questions and they are very nice, but everything is listed as far as what’s in the coats. One was “casual”; one for professional c…
  • Inferior, non-raw, unnatural “food for the bees, how horrible is that?” ...... You realize silk is just as bad as wool, everyone; right? Hopefully you don’t judge how you treat someone or any creature based on size. :( Or “intelligence,” as you perc…
  • Angie, do you find it considerate to take one’s honey and replace it with sugar water? Would you drink sugar water?
  • I enjoy them, too, Troubles! And just to add, when someone joins a message board and/or comes online, they agree to the terms and conditions. I haven’t broken any that I know of and my questions were not “unkind.” Rawkidchef chooses to come online a…
  • I don’t think I spoke to anyone unkindly, and I didn’t address Rawkidchef, anyway.
  • What a hot topic! Thanks, Vegan. :p :D I don’t think anything that might have happened “in the wild” applies to every case or domesticated or supposed “civilized” activity. Luckily, calves are the only species with a need for cow milk. I can choose …
  • So you’ve seen a couple of dairy farmers and a couple of beekeepers, so you have made conclusions as to all farms and methods of confining nonhuman animals and obtaining different products? What exactly do you consider cruel, out of curiosity? Forci…
  • No, I appreciate that. You’ve seen a limited number of local “beekeepers” or “honey-takers,” as I would call them, and somehow, you seem to draw the conclusion that it’s a “beautiful” thing and you see nothing wrong with it. Do you feel the same way…
  • “Like you say, there are Lovely bee keepers who have amazing relationships with their bees, and these people need to be supported.” I’ll support someone who keeps hives but is not selfish and leaves the bees’ honey alone, without trying to garner a …
  • I wonder what kind of customs check your order will go through, Rawkid…..I hope they aren’t “killed” by the machines. :(
  • You could always try making something for another person and just eating a couple tablespoons, seeing how you feel, etc.
  • Kiwi is really good for you, not sure about its “cleansing” properties, though.
  • Sorry your lunch, a time for relaxation, was ruined. Next time don’t even look at these people. YOU weren’t rude. Feel good about yourself. :D
  • Angie, I get up to 3,000-4,000 some days, too, and haven’t gained.
    in 1200 calories. Comment by Superfood
  • Yacon syrup is lower in calories than agave (I don’t know about honey, won’t use it) – it has 30 calories per T. as opposed to 60. But it does have a stronger flavor. I think both in concert, along with dates and raisins, are excellent.
  • I use Talulah products (the vegan ones) on my face, www.talulahskincare.com, baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair, with the Key Lime Hair Treatment sometimes from Talulah on the ends, and I eat good food – tons of greens, sprouts, healthy …
    in Raw Beauty Comment by Superfood
  • Bragg’s is not raw, but I think some nama shoyu is raw (just check your bottle?)
  • I like Nutsoline a lot. I can’t think of any other sources with good prices, but I bet others can help!
    in Nutsonline Comment by Superfood
  • Sounds good….you’re goign to think I’m crazy, but I think you should be eating more….greens, that is!