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  • Just a observation and question for EVERYONE, I noticed a lot of people’s recipes on Goneraw.com all have dates, cashews and dehydrating. In answer to your question, probably because most recipes are for special occasions and most of us eat simply n…
  • 1) Sprouts (variety, legumes, vegetables, seeds) 2) Indulgence – raw chocolate desserts probably or nut-based desserts 3) Kale, sprouts, spinach, lemons, maybe green onions.
  • In my experiences so far, which is all we have to go by, I couldn’t be with a better man or person. He is so supportive, understanding, caring, and he loves to talk to me about food, as I do with him. He is omnivorous but is more mindful of eating h…
  • Also, when someone’s body doesn’t make enough cholesterol, this is due to a problem within their body, not a “veganism” problem.
  • I think the lowest recorded are in the eighties in The China Study. I think under 150 total is good. I think I read that some people, when they get really low, like in the 110s, might get depression more easily…..however that is measured. I’m not sa…
  • I look for a mixed green salad or a spinach salad, but I usually only go to places that are raw-friendly, anyway.
  • Cool, thanks for posting your experience! I might try this soon. Right now, all I have time for is green smoothies, busy workweek!
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • I don’t think applying low heat to a bacterial culture is a good idea, is it?
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • Thanks….as long as it tastes good, I don’t too much care. I am not addicted to cheese (been vegan for 6 years and understand human anatomy and bodily needs well enough to know we should have NEVER had dairy cheese in the first place!), so I just eat…
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • For the people who are making their own at home, how do you thicken the cheese, like a hard one, like the Dr. Cow? Or are you leaving it softer/watery?
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • I finally got the Dr. Cow hempseed cheese and really like it. I was suprised by the cheesy smell, but love it as a snack on Mexican flax crackers. Yum.
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • Yes, enjoy your youth, PLEASE!!! :D
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • Rawkidchef, if you don’t start selling cheese, we’re going to come raid your house! :p
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by Superfood
  • I think some people have stomach muscles; they just can’t see them due to the fat covering the muscles (which is normal, not to be shunned, unless it’s not what you prefer). Anyway, you probably want to eat a lot of sprouts, green leafy vegetables, …
  • I don’t have a problem, either, but I have two thoughts – more water (drinking) and more oral sex/foreplay? Or cute outfits? Do you feel sexy?
  • Hey, Wailing. I have seen recipes that use nuts and herbs, such as this: http://drbenkim.com/raw-dairy-free-cheese-recip… They would be mostly or all-raw, depending on what ingredients you specifically use. I have had raw ricotta and also nacho and …
  • Rawkidchef, I appreciate your posts, and I understand your perspective, but don’t forget that you’re comparing yourself to the WORST there is. How about setting a standard of causing no harm or the least amount of harm, and then, if you happen to ca…
  • I do not think cow milk or goat milk products, raw or not, are healthy for a human body, but I just wanted to say that there are raw commerical vegan cheeses, such as Dr. Cow, and you can also make your own easily!
  • I’m a vegan for ethical reasons, have been for 6 years. I’ve been a raw foodist since January 2008. I find it surprising, too, when vegans or vegetarians or people who say they don’t want to eat meat but do for social situations, don’t have the - I’…
  • Hey. I think it depends on how the prunes are processed, so there is no definite, across-the-board answer for prunes. You can take supplements; however, they are not necessary for health, except for everyone, omni or not, needs to get supplemented B…
  • I have sprouted wild rice before. ETA: but that’s a fruit, not a grain.
  • Yeah, I think Larabars aren’t certified as raw, though maybe, by chance, here and there, they might be. :( It’s unfortunate!
  • Probably not raw on the oats, unless it is labeled as such.
  • I’m glad that you all feel superior to me! Good luck!
  • It is certainly not your place to sit in judgement of my choices. I agree, except when other beings are involved; then I will “sit in judgment” as you call it, but I can do so silently, as I have done many times on this site. It is certainly not you…
  • Superfood, why do you need to preach morality with such venom in your tone? How about compassion to humans trying to find direction in their life and a path to health and happiness? Your perceptions are off….but I hope you feel better now that you s…
  • So your enjoyment of life involves taking other life? As you have said to the vegans, I’m glad it works out for you….I guess.
  • I meet the RDAs easily, without manipulating my diet in any way. Good work.
  • It might not work out this time. :( Try parchment paper next time. You can get unbleached at health food stores, if you want. This time, use a spatula to try to separate the crackers from the pan. Salvage as much as you can.
  • I put about 1 T. in a dressing (my own) that is about 2 cups total of lemon juice, water, and different oils, along with other ingredients. It is mostly flax and hemp oil, though.
    in Coconut Oil Comment by Superfood