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  • I really didn't get a confrontational vibe from superfood2's post.
  • When I go without "cones" my hair tends to get damaged like joannabanana said. I think it depends on your hair type. I think the kind of hair that tends to get knots is the kind that gets damage from going the "no-poo" method. The "slip" that is pro…
  • I'm considering it. I don't live in the city. It's just that they smoke standing next to the fence and it becomes cloud-like. I do think it must be worse than regular pollution because I began to have asthmatic symptoms for the first time in my life…
  • Tomatoes are part of the nightshade group of foods which may pose problems when eaten in excess depending on different factors. (I recommend researching nightshade foods.) It can aggravate some conditions like arthritis so severely that sensitive pe…
  • durianrider-I thought your diet consisted of large amounts of sweet fruit?
  • I've seen castille soap at Target but I'm not sure if they only had the liquid form. I think WF might have it or maybe iherb.com. Also I saw Borax at Target. A large box of detergent lasts less than 6 months for us. Btw-I'm going to try this recipe.…
  • Blue Eyes-The last sentence in your post isn't funny.
  • I recommend Eckhart Tolle too. The Power of Now is incredible. I like listening to his books because he leaves gaps and speaks very slowly which helps utilize what he is discussing while listening.
  • jackrabbit-I would call the group I was raised in a cult too.It's very coincidental that recently I've been reading a lot of books on buddhism and taoism from the library and have a Ghandi book on my "wish list."
  • I was raised in a fundamentalist religon. Growing up, I found a lot of what was taught nonsensical at best...offensive at worst.
  • I read on a site that after you use wheat grass seeds and harvest the grass, that the birds will like to eat the seeds that were used. If you don't grow wheatgrass I guess you could still sprout the seeds in a jar for them. (The seeds are sprouted b…
  • I purchased the Hurricane Manual Juicer to use for wheatgrass and found it very difficult to turn the handle. I sent it back and they said it wasn't defective-although it seems like it was. I didn't get a refund/exchange. They gave me a discount off…
  • I don't agree with this: "We aren't another animal species like all the others we were created (not evolved) to be superior...."
    in Raw Dairy Comment by leafygreen
  • white apple - I recently read that apples are one of the items sprayed with the most pesticides out of all produce , so organic is more important in that case. Supporting local business is another issue, so it depends on what's more important to you…
  • I read that irradiation of produce kills the enzymes so it's no longer "alive." I notice when I buy produce in a few stores by my place-even if the produce is "fresh"- it doesn't have much of a scent or color on the inside. It also has much less fla…
  • Thanks for all the information. I decided to try starting with the cleanse hoping it gets rid of my addiction to sugar.
  • LongTimeNurseRa-Most sleep studies are funded by the companies that sell sleeping pills. I don't believe the results are unbiased.
  • tabbycats_tofu, I should clarify that happened more than a year ago and I have since left that job. So I didn't mean to come across as so understanding :P
  • tabbycats_tofu, I agree. I actually didn't talk about my eating habits. I would say "no thank you" when offered "junk food" and that seemed to become an issue in the group over time. I've been told since then that if I was more of an open book about…
  • I relate the the self-consciousness about having different food habits at work. I lost 30 pounds while working at my last job. I had not gone raw but I did cut out junk food and ate more fruits/vegetables. I was very surprised that several people in…
  • How about hydrogen peroxide? It's nontoxic and similar to bleach.
  • I recommend probiotics. I take 2 of the Jarrow brand each morning the moment I wake up because you can't eat for .5-1 hour after taking them.
  • I think this is in "The Essene Gospel of Peace." Interested where Eryn Paige found this too.
  • I recently ordered a wheat grass kit and a manual juicer. I read "The Wheat Grass Book" and it makes quite a case for drinking this. It said that if too much is consumed at first that it will cause a bad reaction due to the detox, so start with very…
  • I just purchased coconut derived vegetable glycerin from iherb. The reviews said people use it on their skin, lips, hair, etc. as a moisturizer.
  • Powerlifter-Do you remember where you found out that camu camu was so unstable? I tried to find info about that, but haven't. thanks.
  • I just talked with someone from Sunfood.com and was told they test the vitamin C content of their camu camu in the Pure Radiance product after it's processed. Most of the C in the product comes from the camu camu. He said it's due to their processin…