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  • If you have light eye lashes but don't want to wear mascara on a regular basis you can use eyelash dye on them! I think vitamin B3 (niacin) has been linked to hair growth :) Vegetara
    in eyelashes Comment by vegetara
  • Hi Banana-Head, You might be lacking some vitamins like vitamin B12 or DHA. Try taking a good multivitamin and fish oil supliments (if you can stand them) for one month and see if it helps :) I did the master cleanse a few months ago. I bought the b…
  • Thanks everyone for your comments :) @ DeborahB: Just to clarify, you've found that eating small ammounts of nuts and seeds is ideal for you?
    in Health While Raw Comment by vegetara
  • Thanks Eecho! :)
    in Raw Mentor Comment by vegetara
  • Hi Jenny, That's so nice of you! I'd like if you could recommend what type of raw I should aim for. I've read about low fat vs high fat raw and I think that because I eat so much fruit usually, I would probably do very well aiming for 10% fats (nuts…
    in Raw Mentor Comment by vegetara
  • Well, what are the best things to use as sweetners then? Thank you :) Vegetara
  • It's near impossible to find meat that you know for certain has not consumed a) grain sprayed with pesticides that are illegal to use on grain for human consumption b) other animals c) antibiotics/other dangerous chemicals approved by the FDA. And e…
  • "A Trading Standards study into nursery food recently found that many nurseries were feeding toddlers a diet too high in fruit and vegetables, and too low in calories and fats, putting them at risk of nutritional deficiencies." WTF? How can they say…
  • Well if vegetarians do have lower bone density, it's probably because "Obesity actually is considered protective against bone-weakening osteoporosis." http://www.buffalonews.com/lifearts/health/story/704672.html Vegetarians and vegans tend to be a l…
  • >"So he doesn't like avocado... make him a chocolate avocado mousse. Avo, soaked dates, raw cacao, a little water, blended... good god, it's so wonderful." Wow, sounds yummy :) I need to buy some cacao. >"What can you do though, I'll encourage…
  • Update: He ate the raw sushi! Yay. And I've just put some Raw Nutty Choco Ice Cream in the freezer, he won't complain about that being cold!
  • Thanks for your comments everyone. Luckily we live in a tropical country at the moment so I don't feel deprived of warm food at all :) I'm going to make raw sushi for lunch today (swap rice for avocado and fish for veggies). I think it will be yummy…
  • Hi Lilburger, I think Implanon's great. It isn't natural, but it's stress free. It's a tiny implant that gets put in your arm and lasts for three years. It's about the size of a match stick. It's the most reliable form of contraception you can get. …
    in Birth Control Comment by vegetara
  • This is interesting, because babies always have lighter eyes (often blue) that turn darker after they're weaned. Is it possible that raw vegans return to their baby eye colour? Tara
  • I eat leafy greens, vegetables (sometimes cooked, sometimes not), fruit, legumes (always cooked), extra virgin olive oil, nuts & seeds (sometimes rosted). Basically, the raw vegan diet, but i'm not worried if the vegetables are cooked and I don'…