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  • Aw, hi Corpus_Vile, your post kind of touched me....because i can empathise. And like you, i was so motivated to maintain my health and nourish my body, but not with the crap that we are bombarded with in the supermarkets. I found that the illness c…
  • Well, the one ive been looking at getting is the 1200w Russell Hobbs version? http://www.russellhobbs.co.uk/russell-hobbs-products/food-preparation/blenders/platinum-blender-14500.html
  • Ooooh, i didnt know that? That's not good :( Can you think of any other vegetable that has the same thick crunchiness as the red cabbage and which isnt as starchy as a butternut squash?
  • Aw thanks eecho...i'll take a look x x
  • Thanks to all who've been in touch....sorry for delay in getting back to you - had trouble logging into account. I dont want to have coconut oil due to its saturated fat content so any substitute that hasnt saturated fat is what im looking for. But …
    in coconut oil Comment by nicolette
  • Aw thanks guys and girlies,.....and yes i had thought about making my own...so not a mad idea but im just a bit scared of setting fire alarm off in my flat....
  • Really? And the recipes come out ok? Could you tell me how you cut back? Like if it says 2 cups of walnuts and a cup of oil how can you reduce it so that the texture still works? ive got a thing about coconut shreds....everything seems to put coconu…
  • Thanks Daniefon...just looked it up...one review says he's liberal with the salt and oil though ?? What would you say? Is it easy to adapt to suit?
  • Mmm....i know its about getting a balance....Maxie and i are perhaps more seeking a higher ratio of essential fat over saturated fat. And another thing....nuts and avocados etc are high in energy, so being less liberal with the amounts there is not …
  • Hi Maxie, Im in a similar position to you i think - except im not so concerned about nuts...though totally agree more than 1/4 cup of nuts would be prob too expensive and energy dense than id like....im more wary of too much avocado, oil and coconut…
  • great! im off to try it now!
    in Sprouted qunoa Comment by nicolette
  • really steve? details please! Details!!!
    in Sprouted qunoa Comment by nicolette
  • Im looking for recipes that dont use coconut oil too....did you have any luck with your search? x x