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  • "my daily food intake is: oatmeal with flax seed and 2 toast with organic p.butter & jelly" It's the oatmeal. I ate it with a green smoothy and I became a methane factory. Removed the oats and gas was gone.
  • Here a bit critical on the raw lifestyle but on the end of the article some interesting links maybe it can help you ("However
  • Hmm tried a superman pushup, thats not easy :-).
  • Pretty fast (2-4 weeks i think) you will see improvements, some things take longer to fix (moles, 2+ years mostly raw and I still have them although they are much lighter than in my vegetarian SAD days). Try to stay off grains, wheat and dairy and e…
  • "Can someone stay 100% raw low fat long term and live a healthy life?" YES, but I doubt it I think fats are really essential for life and if you are consuming vegan or other (raw) diets with very low levels of fat you get problems sooner or later. L…
  • Don't know, just eat it if you feel like it. If you can tolerate the reaction of your body (if any) than it's oke (I think the reaction is the greatest if you are 1+ month on a raw diet without any SAD stuff) you pretty much directly feel something …
  • Hmm I'm far from vegan (really far). But You'll be oke I think if you stay of grain's in every form. Try to avoid beans/pea's. Sweat potato seams to be oke for most people. That's pretty starchy I think.
  • Don't try to be 100% raw 80 % is good enough (and how many on this board are truly 100% raw, I think that's a really low number). Eat! if your hungry. Don't eat if your not. If your body react bad to some food don't eat it eat other things. Choice e…
  • Years ago on this site: http://www.rawtimes.com/anopsy1.html 2 years ago it all fell in place and I started it, Now I still eat raw only no greens and very little fruit, they don't do any good for me. But it changed my life and I know much better ho…
  • "All im saying is bruce lee didnt have much muscle mass" True but the two finger push up require a lot of strength: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee "Lee performed one-hand push-ups using only the thumb and index finger." I still need 6 finger…
  • It is possible to run bare foot on every surface, if you search the internets you will find people who run bare foot on every thing. I'm hesitated about it there's a lot of glass and nails and iron bits, broken tiles where I run, it should be possib…
  • I run almost bare foot (VFF's) , It's really great but it really hard to gain enough strenght in my feet ("broke" my left feet 5 weeks ago and really broke my right feet last year and of course the enormous muscle pains). But The enjoyment is so gre…
  • Hmm I had a really bad food poising 2 weeks ago (it was the opposite of raw and vegan, vacation and stuff) but had diarrhea for 5 days. I don't know what raw food to eat when you have that bad diarrhea. Tried fruit that didn't help, raw-fat aged mea…
  • I doubt that peanut butter is raw.
    in Underweight Comment by RawEverything
  • Cooked meat is pretty much useless and waste of animal. Eat it raw or don't eat it. I think "Born to run" is the best book ever about running and how running should be red it 3 times 8).
    in Meat Comment by RawEverything
  • rawpretzela: I don't think you can get fat of what you eat. It's pretty good food. I think you can get real fat of normal SAD food. Good pure raw-foods you won't get fat of. I think the body use FAT as a "save" storage for toxins. You don't eat toxi…
    in Getting fat Comment by RawEverything
  • Blue_eyes: interesting link. I believe that raw-vegan is a complete diet (if done right). But if there is no period (beter no-ovulating) there is something seriously wrong as a man you don't noticed that period part but the diet is the same so you a…
    in Reflexology Comment by RawEverything
  • But 5 months no period that can't be right??? Just my thought I don't have that period thing. but they say it's an important part of being female. Why does it stop?
    in Reflexology Comment by RawEverything
  • But kellogs and raw food that's two complete opposite things? Kellogs is eatable cardboard 8)?
  • Hmm I don't know here in Netherlands almost every city has a athletics club (I don't know the real English word) but they do all kind of atleticssports (long distance, road, track, jumping, competition in all those sports, whatever) and also a group…
  • Yep me too my foot is a bit painfull I can run really fast (20+km/hour) with minimum of effort (I feel like flying over the road it's great, huge smile on my face) but the next day my foot hurts a bit 8(. My feet, ankle and calves need to be much st…
  • Al right home made yogurt 8). To refuel. If you run for a hour you burn approx 500 kcal (running 10+km/hour). jogging and starting to run I don't think you notice anything maybe if you eat a banana you compensated the burned calories. If you run to …
  • Yoghurt if you didn't make it your self from raw-milk it's processed and dead. Processed (or cooked) animal protein is very hard to digest. Eat fruit, green smoothy or a salad you won't notice it while running (even my weird raw-diet goes perfect wi…
  • I'm a tea addict (Pure black stuff) but it's 0 kcal so it's still 100% raw 8). I love tea.
    in TEA Comment by RawEverything
  • Don't forget grass-seed products, terrible stuff. Your skin will definitely clear up on a raw-diet.
  • 100 a day, that is dangerous low. "encourage young followers to embark on starvation diets" That's what worries me also raw-vegan-diet rocks but it's really difficult to do it right and you must know what your doing. To stay on topic. jemstone go ea…
  • Peanuts and the dried fruit are very suspicious. Peanuts aren't nuts they are pea's. Dried fruit if you didn't make it your self is often not raw. Just eat fresh ripe fruit 8).
  • Like powerlifter says. what did you eat the last week or so? If you got diarrhea there is something in your guts that need to come out FAST. But the main issue what did you eat 8)?
  • Hey Alexa,I Like your way of thinking.
    in Raw Fish? Comment by RawEverything
  • Hi, be carefull with raw-fish it's loaded with parasites (all though most cannot live in humans). Most fish are very lean (to much protein) it's not a really good food source. If you really must eat raw fish go for the fattest you can find and freez…
    in Raw Fish? Comment by RawEverything